JVC HA-SS01 aka JVC SIGNA 01 Review | Audiophile Review | JVCシグナ

The JVC HA-SS01 code name, Signa 01 is their first hi-res Signa Headphones which categories under the S-class. With a newly developed 40mm driver, using a triple magnet structure assembly to reproduce punchy bass and also crystal clear mid. For the hi’s they are able to suppress unwanted vibration that cause bad sound reproduction by using anti-vibration ring and lightweight high strength diaphragm they call PEN (polymer resin film). The difference compared to Signa 02 or Ha-ss02, is it has 2 magnet structure and no anti-vibration ring (which 01 has). HI-resolution audio certified.

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Noble Audio Kaiser Universal Review (K10) | Audiophile Review

Hand-assembled in California. The highest configuration by Noble Audio featuring 10 Balanced armature drivers on each side house in an aluminium housing. Despite being 20 total drivers you don’t need separate amps or DACs to power this by as it’s sensitive enough for smartphone usage and I have zero problem run it with my Iphone 6 at 4 volume bar. You can pay extra to get a custom fit for better grip and comfort as well as getting other housing finish like acrylic or wood.

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Benq EW2750ZL LED Monitor Review w/ WiT E-Reading Lamp

The BenQ EW2750ZL is a 16:9, 1080p, 27 inch VA LED monitor that offer a slim bezel design with 0.9cm at its thinnest and 2cm at its thickest side from the font view. It is also an eye-care product with BenQ’s proprietary flicker-free technology to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels. This effectively reduces eye fatigue. Promoted toward people with will be working long work in front the monitor like office workers, editors, photo and videographer. more “Benq EW2750ZL LED Monitor Review w/ WiT E-Reading Lamp”

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard Review | Brown Cherry MX

Das Keyboard 4 Professional sing and shine German quality from start to finish in every corner. It is made from anodized aluminium construction giving it robust and solid build structure, they even went into detail by making the Cherry MX switches with gold plating that can last up to 50mill keystroke for reliability sake. It comes in either blue or brown switches only. Not fancy LEDS just ultimate German Candy.

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Mionix Castor RGB Review | Gaming Mouse

Build for right-handed gamers which the ergonomic cater to all type of grip like palm, claw and fingertip, even the ring finger and pinky finger has a special groove to rest on making it comfortable to use. To maximise the grip on the mouse top surface Mionix added 4 layers of rubber coating, so it will last longer than conventional single coat and is soft to touch on. The thumb area has a rubberise texture surface to lock your thumb into position and stay put. more “Mionix Castor RGB Review | Gaming Mouse”

Zotac T500 240GB SSD Review | Benchmark

There is two version of Zotac’s Sata III based SSD T500 using TLC Nand Flash and The Premium Edition using MLC. MLC Nand Flash tends to be more reliable with higher life cycle whereas the TLC based is shorter but is more affordable to the mass. Its MYR70 cheaper than its better performing brother the premium edition which is using Toshiba flash and Phison s10 controller similar of the Kingston Hyper X Savage, but for the T500 we are unsure what type of flash and controller it’s using. The published read and write speeds are 550mb/s and 500mb/s respectively.
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Razer Death Adder Black Edition Review | Gaming Mouse

Razer released the Death Adder Black Edition some time back, so today we’re going to take a look and see if it’s still relevant in today’s standard. It shares the same design with the regular Death Adder like the shape, size and button placements. It really suits palm grip style users like me (Ariff). The difference is in the finish. It has a matte black and grey design that is much stealthier and grippier. Matte finishes always appeal to me as I don’t have to worry about taking care of the surface too much.

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JVC HAS660B On-Ear Headphones Review

An entry level over-ear commuter headphones that feature a lightweight and foldable design. The design of the headphones are really quite decent looking considering its price tag as they are worse looking ones. For over-ear headphones the earcups aren’t ridiculously large and great for kids or teens because the opening small for adults as prolong clamping pressure can cause discomfort especially the top tips of the ears.  The cable itself is 1.2m long and non-detachable. It doesn’t have an in-line controller or a mic to answer calls.

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