Mi 5000mAh Power Bank Review | XIAOMI

Today we are looking at Mi power bank, a budget power bank that is really getting everyone hyped up, but can cheap be cheerful? Let’s find out. On the website is promoting itself to have also those fancy features common among other branded power banks, what is unique is the nine layer circuit protection built by Texas Instruments so expect the controller to be absolute best but you might be disappointed. more “Mi 5000mAh Power Bank Review | XIAOMI”

ABS J18G 12000mAh Power Bank Review

Is brand that is new in Malaysia, competing against those budget range power banks like Mi, Yaobao and Pineng. Looking at the physical feature is has plastic finish with the ABS logo in the middle but from afar it looks like a stitch leather finish, sneaky premium look. Also the 4 dot power level indicator. Weights 220grams. more “ABS J18G 12000mAh Power Bank Review”

Asus Zenbook 3 UX390UA Review | Audio Test | Macbook 12″ killer!!

A Notebook PC that is going head to head with Apple’s 12 inch Macbook. Physically it is thinner than the Macbook 12 inch at 11.9mm (compared to the Apple Macbook), it is lighter by 10 grams at 910 grams. The body is mainly made out of 6000 series aerospace grade aluminium alloy combo-ed with the 0.4mm thin corning gorilla glass 4 for the display. It’s great they gave it the toughness its needs to survive user abuse or mishandling. It comes if 3 flavours, Rose Gold, Royal Blue and Quartz Grey. All models come with gold accents around the screen lid. The logo is gold even the keycaps are gold colour. Asus is really going premium on this one. Even with the colour scheme here. more “Asus Zenbook 3 UX390UA Review | Audio Test | Macbook 12″ killer!!”

Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1070 Review | Benchmark

Since the introduction of Nvidia’s Pascal Architecture graphics cards everyone seems to want one for the advantage in performance boost and much more efficient power consumption. Not only is demand at an all high, the market is flooded with 21 different models for the GTX 1070 alone. Which also happens to be the card that we are going to look at today. We’ve be awed by the presence and performance of the Gigabyte GTX 1080 Extreme Gaming but not many people have pockets deep enough to accommodate such a marvel. Thus, we’ve turned to something much more within the majority of people’s reach. Today we’re taking a look at the Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming. more “Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1070 Review | Benchmark”

Winds Mobile Note Grace V Review | RM299/USD73 Budget Smartphone

Years ago, there were very few mobile phone manufacturers in the world that I could name with one hand. These days, the numbers have shot up drastically as more and more people take their shot in making the best mobile phone they can. We are aware of the numerous brands hailing from China but today we are going to feast our eyes on a brand hailing from my glorious homeland, Malaysia. Meet the Note Grace V by a local company, Winds Mobile. more “Winds Mobile Note Grace V Review | RM299/USD73 Budget Smartphone”

BenQ Zowie Gaming Mouse Comparison | FK, ZA, EC Series

We’ve all heard of BenQ when it comes to monitors. But, most people would be surprised when told that they make gaming peripherals as well. They include, mice, mouse pads and even gaming monitors. Alongside other uprising brands in the market, BenQ has been really aggressive in pushing its own line of monitors alongside it’s gaming peripherals under the brand Zowie. On the contrary, they are quite popular in the e-sports scene. Especially when it comes to CS:GO. more “BenQ Zowie Gaming Mouse Comparison | FK, ZA, EC Series”

Marvo Scorpian Review | M315 Gaming Mouse + G1 Mouse Pad Combo

We had reviewed plenty of gaming peripherals so far. But, most of them usually cost upwards of 100$. Do not fret, as we’ve not forgotten about you guys. So, we’re taking a look at something more affordable for those whom are looking for something more budget. Today, we have the Marvo M315 Gaming Mouse and G1 gaming mouse pad combo. It costs around RM50 for the set here in Malaysia and approximately 22USD. Pretty affordable and accessible I’d say. more “Marvo Scorpian Review | M315 Gaming Mouse + G1 Mouse Pad Combo”