BenQ Zowie Gaming Mouse Comparison | FK, ZA, EC Series

We’ve all heard of BenQ when it comes to monitors. But, most people would be surprised when told that they make gaming peripherals as well. They include, mice, mouse pads and even gaming monitors. Alongside other uprising brands in the market, BenQ has been really aggressive in pushing its own line of monitors alongside it’s gaming peripherals under the brand Zowie. On the contrary, they are quite popular in the e-sports scene. Especially when it comes to CS:GO. more “BenQ Zowie Gaming Mouse Comparison | FK, ZA, EC Series”

Marvo Scorpian Review | M315 Gaming Mouse + G1 Mouse Pad Combo

We had reviewed plenty of gaming peripherals so far. But, most of them usually cost upwards of 100$. Do not fret, as we’ve not forgotten about you guys. So, we’re taking a look at something more affordable for those whom are looking for something more budget. Today, we have the Marvo M315 Gaming Mouse and G1 gaming mouse pad combo. It costs around RM50 for the set here in Malaysia and approximately 22USD. Pretty affordable and accessible I’d say. more “Marvo Scorpian Review | M315 Gaming Mouse + G1 Mouse Pad Combo”

Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST)

It’s duck season again. So, I guess you know what that means. Yes, we’re taking a look at another product from Ducky. This time, it’s the Ducky One TKL RGB. Basically, if you’re dreaming of a TKL version of the original One, this is it. With RGB lighting this time for some additional bling factor. In terms of designs, it’s similar to the original One, except shorter and with RGB backlighting this time. It features the thin bezel design, the glorious ABS double-shot keycap with sandblasted finish for good texture and all the design features that we’ve come to love. more “Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST)”

Beyerdynamic iDX 120 iE Review

Designed mainly for Apple ecosystem where the remote part which house the mic and three button that help you control calls and media playback (volume up/down/play/pause), works with other android smartphone with the exception that the volume control cant be used. Its using a 10mm neodymium driver that is housing in a full metal enclosure where the surface is anodized to give it a matte premium looks. more “Beyerdynamic iDX 120 iE Review”

Cooler Master Switch Tester V2 Review | Cherry MX Comparison + Topre Novatouch

Today we will be reviewing the Switch Tester V2 and checking out some of the switches offered in the market. Few reason why you’ll need it. For normal people/gamer you want to know which switches fit you, whether linear or tactile and the choice of audible level. Second reason is for retailers for are selling mechanical keyboards, who are unsure how to explain how each switches differs can let their customer try our each switches before purchasing their keyboards. more “Cooler Master Switch Tester V2 Review | Cherry MX Comparison + Topre Novatouch”

GALAX GTX 980 SOC Review | Benchmark

This one of the easy graphics card we have reviewed so far. For 2 reasons. One it doesn’t have an official Galax page so we are unsure what technology and enhancement they have made. Second reason is the card overclock out of the factory, this is great so people can buy one of the highest performing GTX 980 and slam it into the PC and do their editing/rendering instantly without the need to fiddle around with any overclocking software. more “GALAX GTX 980 SOC Review | Benchmark”

Asus VivoWatch Review | Fitness Wearable

Asus first ever attempt in making a fitness wearable and yes first try is a charm. Pack with the features you’ll need, long battery life, durable and a fashionable wearable that can blend well with any type of clothing and look. Looking the the physical look and hardware, it is using e-paper display that has a lower energy consumption under a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which will prevent minor scratches easily. Surrounded by a stainless steel frame with one home button on the right side of the display. The screen is backlit when the button is pressed. Strap is made out of faux rubber, naturally grippy to the skin with a width of 22mm, it feel comfortable sleeping with it as well as and more importantly does not move around during exercise sessions. more “Asus VivoWatch Review | Fitness Wearable”