It is also identical to the XIAOMI MI In-Ear Headphone Basic in term of design and sound just different brand name (applies to V1, V2, V3….. different shells, same internals). The housing is made out of aluminum which is easy to hold, to put in and out of the ears. Just that it has a funny look, popping out from your ears. | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | 1More Piston Fit Review (E1009) | aka Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

The package come with 2 additional size eartips which are oval shape, to help grip in-ear better. The tube is angle 45 degree for better comfort. Sound isolation is good but you can still hear the background a bit, 1more should increase the sound tube length by 1 or 2 mm for better sound isolation. The cable touches the face a little. | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | 1More Piston Fit Review (E1009) | aka Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic
The control center is near the mouth area which is nice but sadly only control media playback and call functions no volume rocker. Tho the button is nice and clicky. For the microphone test do watch our video review to hear it because saying it good mean anything (lols….). 1more claims that the driver’s dual diaphragm with aerospace grade titanium makes the sound signature more responsive but sadly their didn’t mention the driver size.


Technical Specification

  • Model: E1009
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
  • Rated Power: 5 mW
  • Length: 1.25m
  • Weight: 14g | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | 1More Piston Fit Review (E1009) | aka Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic
Audio quality

We tested this on the Iphone 6 with Cozot TAKT AMP DAC at 5th volume bar and Macbook Pro 13 inch at 40% volume.


Tiaan – Be Okay

  • Low bass frequency has the right amount of pressure that doesn’t cause ear fatigue. No distortion.
  • Bass body is good, tho it fade fast for our taste the bass vibration just disappear half way.
  • Clear separation between vocals and bass

Pia Mia – Do It Again

  • Bass pressure is good just that it fades to quickly. Bass vibration at 2.05 mark is disappointing.
  • Bass doesn’t eat into vocals, just vocal sound slightly muffled.


Pentatonix – See through

  • Vocals perform well, tiny bit muffled.
  • Able to identify each singer in the group.
  • Vocal beatboxing, hummming, echo is solid.
  • Mitch Grassi Hi-pitched male tenor vocal doesn’t do well, it lacks shine

Violinder – Raindrops

  • Bass/Drums overpowers the violin/piano tones.
  • Violin/Piano sound decent (do-able) but lack the little more shine at higher frequency.
  • Clear separation between Drums and Violin/Piano.


This is a budget entry-level IEM with a flat sounding profile. Its strength would be the bass located at the low to mid frequency region. If you’re into song with BASS, POP, EDM, Electronic this would be for you but for vocals /instrumentals there are better options.

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