The AOC AGON AG322FCX is a 31.5 inch Full HD display with FreeSync support up to 144Hz. While many curved monitor uses 21:9 aspect ratio, the AOC AGON stays true to the 16:9 aspect ratio which games would look better and would not face weird stretching of the side like some games on a 21:9 screen (again depends which games you play, opened world would benefit a lot from 21:9, FPS games….. not that much).

It has a curved radius of 1800R. Stacking 3 monitor would give you a true immersive viewing experience tho you need to get a high end graphics card to power up to 3 monitors. Physically is sexy with the tripod stand, ample room for cable management. More than 15cm space behind the monitor when push against the wall which also helps with the LED glow.

Looking at I/Os it has DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 , DVI-Dual Link, VGA Port and Audio Jack. Ergonomic wise it has a 23.5 degrees back tilt and 5.5 degrees front tilt. No height or swivel adjustment. VESA mount supported as well. It has a flip stand to hang your headphones instead of leaving on table top.

A fancy feature I appreciate is the LEDs on this monitor. There is 2 part for this feature, the front bit and back bit. The front bit has this sexy line at the bottom that helps to glow the table surface well, good for me as I prefer to play in the dark and finding stuff on my table without ample light can be tough.

On the back, you have few LED line which work best when the monitor is place towards the wall creating a nice subtle glow onto the wall and around the monitor. I wish it offered the full RGB spectrum colors because for now is only comes in Red, Blue and Green, looking forward to the future revision with full RGB spectrum.

It uses VA panel which is a balance between TN and IPS panel, a 178 degree viewing angle from all perspective and. The screen is matte finish which helps with preventing glare from happening. It has 85% NTSC, 89% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB colour gamut space so basic video and photo editing is great on this monitor but the ppi is 69. 250 cd/m2 brightness max.

There is a small toggle at the bottom of the monitor which access the monitor menu, is rather lose and I wish is was firm and had better analog feedback. Pulling the toggle towards you tweaks shadow control, 50-60% good sweet spot. Pushing toggle backwards enable which port to receive video signal from. To the right adjust the LED intensity and the color of choice. To the left to choose color profile modes. Pushing upward on the center show the basic menu settings.

Other features includes low input lag for optimal gaming responds important for fps gamers. Low blue light and flicker free to prevent long session discomfort, shadow control to brighten the screen to see more details in the blacks.

Gaming on 32 inch monitor has another advantage, the distance between you and and the monitor can be further apart. Typically on 23-28 inch monitors you can play 50-60cm distance and anything further feels awkward. Whereas on the 31.5 inch you can play 80cm to a meter away and in my opinion the experience feels like playing on console like Playstation and Xbox, yes this monitor support console platform too. Watching movies at full screen 2 meters away is amazing especially being a 16:9 aspect ratio (compared to 21:9 ratio) you can get to view in full screen.