Our second Blitzwolf IEM for review featuring a hybrid setup, one balance armature driver and dynamic driver. This setup produce better sound than the Blitzwolf BW-ES2 (review here) that we review it the past which is limited to 2 dynamic drivers. By theory with the hybrid setup, the dynamic driver helps with the lows while the balance armature driver helps with the mids and highs. Of course with a little bump in price.

Calvinpixels.com | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | BlitzWolf BW-VOX1 Review

The package comes included with the cable management tab, two additional size eartips and a hard carrying case. Looks wise, it has a metal housing with brush finish on the sides with plastic ear-fins (which doesn’t do much), dark grey colour looks sexy tho. Sound isolation is decent, can be improve if they made the sound tube longer by 1 ~ 2 mm. Cable doesn’t touch the face. You can use it for light sport activity as the cable stay in place.

The control center houses the microphone, volume rocker and media playback/call functions.

  Calvinpixels.com | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | BlitzWolf BW-VOX1 Review

Technical Specification

  • Cable Length: 1.2 meters
  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Driver: Dynamic driver + balanced armature driver
  • Speaker Diameter 8mm
  • Sensitivity: 110 ± 3dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz-40,000 Hz

Calvinpixels.com | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | BlitzWolf BW-VOX1 Review
Audio quality


Tiaan – Be Okay

  • Low bass frequency is highly energetic (air pressure) and booming into your ears.
  • The low bass frequency fade butter smooth that you can hear the subtle vibrations and no distortion felt.

Pia Mia – Do It Again

  • Bass is energetic, well bodied and punchy.
  • Bass fade smoothly together with the snare sound.
  • Clear separation between bass and vocals.


Violinder – Raindrop

  • Piano/violin tone have right amount of shine at the highs for the price, for me personally I prefer it to be ultra-sharp sounding.
  • Piano/violin has right body or structure.
  • Bass/drums doesn’t overpower the piano/violin tones, both are same sound level, good characteristic of a balance IEM.

Pentatonix – See Through

  • Mitch Grassi, Hi-pitch male tenor voice, performs well (okay sharpness at highs).
  • Vocals are great, each singer can be identified easily no muffling sounds.

This IEM perform well through the range, the BA driver did helps with the mids and highs. However, the strength would be lows to mids, great for modern songs. The package is good unlike Mi (or xiaomi) that often don’t include a carrying case or cable management tab.

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