Cooler Master Switch Tester V2 Review | Cherry MX Comparison + Topre Novatouch

Today we will be reviewing the Switch Tester V2 and checking out some of the switches offered in the market. Few reason why you’ll need it. For normal people/gamer you want to know which switches fit you, whether linear or tactile and the choice of audible level. Second reason is for retailers for are selling mechanical keyboards, who are unsure how to explain how each switches differs can let their customer try our each switches before purchasing their keyboards. more “Cooler Master Switch Tester V2 Review | Cherry MX Comparison + Topre Novatouch”

CM Storm Trigger Z Review

We’ve reviewed the Quickfire TK from Cooler Master before. This time, we’re taking a look at the Trigger Z. It’s a full size mechanical keyboard and has been around for quite awhile, but no one can resist getting their hands on a good mechanical keyboard. It’s mainly constructed out of plastic polymer materials with pretty decent build quality. It’s coated with a soft touch finish that’s pretty scratch resistant. On the bottom we get numerous rubber feets to keep the keyboard from sliding around. Even the extendable feets are rubber capped to keep it from sliding around when they are extended. Something the Corsair K70 lacked before. more “CM Storm Trigger Z Review”

CM Storm Devastator II Review | $30 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo

We’ve seen plenty of gaming keyboards and mice for as long as we’ve been here. But I do admit we’ve been lacking some content for the lower budget range. So, today we’ll be taking a look at the Cooler Master Devastator II Mem-chanical keyboard and mouse combo. They cater really well in the low budget arena and are a good choice for those wanting an entry into the gaming scene but don’t want to spend too much as gaming equipment can or are considered quite expensive. Especially those very good ones. I would say it’s a good birthday or Christmas gift to your budding gamer kid should he want to delve into the gaming scene. more “CM Storm Devastator II Review | $30 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo”