Razer Nabu Watch Review

Razer Nabu Watch, in short two different core function in one watch, you have a digital chronograph in main screen and smart function on the secondary screen. Design wise look exactly like a G-shock watch, with an all black look with some green highlight around the buttons and font, what is interesting is the green glow neon color in purple lighting beautifully. The 4 side button are texture nicely and is nice to press doesn’t feel soft and mushy as it have some resistance to it. For additional 50USd more you can go for the Forge edition which comes with a stainless build , looks much sexier but sticking with the edition is fine. more “Razer Nabu Watch Review”

Asus VivoWatch Review | Fitness Wearable

Asus first ever attempt in making a fitness wearable and yes first try is a charm. Pack with the features you’ll need, long battery life, durable and a fashionable wearable that can blend well with any type of clothing and look. Looking the the physical look and hardware, it is using e-paper display that has a lower energy consumption under a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which will prevent minor scratches easily. Surrounded by a stainless steel frame with one home button on the right side of the display. The screen is backlit when the button is pressed. Strap is made out of faux rubber, naturally grippy to the skin with a width of 22mm, it feel comfortable sleeping with it as well as and more importantly does not move around during exercise sessions. more “Asus VivoWatch Review | Fitness Wearable”