The Edifier W293BT aka Oxygen, is a wireless sport based IEM. It has a IPX7 rating, meaning is sweatproof, weather proof, washable but don’t use it for diving of course. The package come included with soft carrying pouch which is auto sealing thanks to the metal band (hope other brands follow this awesome concept), 2 ear fins, 2 additional size eartips, cable management and a charging cable. | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | Edifier W293BT Oxygen ReviewYou can use the IEM without the earfins tho I recommend using them if you are doing any movement like simple walking during commuting. As the earbud is slightly imbalance in term of weight as it tend to come off. This could be improve if they made the tube to be 1 to 2 mm longer which goes deep into the ear canal for a secure fit. Sound Isolation is good. The earbud tube is slightly angle for better comfort. | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | Edifier W293BT Oxygen Review

The cable management bit works and the tail doesn’t dangle much. The control center house the mic, charging port and button controls. The buttons have a tactile surface to identify each one easily, pressing them has a tactile feedback but to actuate the button require some force.

It has a bulky look on the earbuds, big control center and thick cable. Again give Edifier some time I’m sure they will make a premium looking one with sleeker design and compact looking.

For battery life, we test it on the iPhone 6 by maxing the volume on the IEM first and set the volume on the phone to 5th volume, which is loud enough lasted us  8 hours and 30 minutes. Close to the rated 8 hours. The Bluetooth range is good up to 10 meter line of sight. | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | Edifier W293BT Oxygen Review

Technical Specification


  • 6mm Dynamic Driver
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz ~ 20,000Hz
  • Impedance: 24 Ohms
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 105dB
  • Weight: 21 grams
  • Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP,HSP,HFP
  • Bluetooth version: V4.1


Audio Quality:

Tiaan – Be Ok
Low bass frequency is well bodied and feels full, highly energetic in term of pressure felt. Is very punchy even at low volume and the low bass frequency fades smoothly towards the end. No ear fatigue as everything is kept under control.

Pia Mia – Do It Again
The bass doesn’t eat into the vocal and cause any muffled sound, there is a clear separation. Bass fade smoothly, especially with the snare effect toward each bass ending. Bass well bodied has the right amount of energy.


Ed Sheeran – Touch N Go
Guitar tones sound excellent at every note, you can even heard the subtle vibrations. Vocal performs solid at every note Ed hits. In short no muffle sound, every diction and pronunciation is crystal clear.

Violinder – Raindrops
Piano/violin is very good at high frequency, Has the right amount of sharpness more toward warm feeling (than my favor razor sharp sounding taste). The piano/violin slightly overpowers the bass/drums tone which always good. | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | Edifier W293BT Oxygen Review
Earfins with and without the loop.

In summary, it performs well throughout the range from the lows to highs. Tho its core strength is the mid range as it can rival well known and much more expensive brand that emphasis bass more than mid range. Overall audio quality is great but ergonomics can be improved.

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