This is Edifier’s affordable wireless sport IEMs. This neckband is water and sweat resistant so you can clean it after a jog in the park. The package comes included with a hard carrying case , a micro-USB cable, a total of 3 pair eartip sizes and 1 pair ear-fin. Latest pricing here Amazon/Shopee/Lazada.

The sound isolation is good especially when sound tube goes deep into the ear canal. The sound tube is about 0.6cm long and is angled at 60 degree for better in-ear  comfort and grip. Thus, you can use them without the fear of the ear-fins or the neckband to fall off . The ear-fin are bigger in size compare to market average but is comfortable and it does its job well. | Calvin Pixels |Edifier W288BT Review | Affordable Wireless Sport Headphones
The flat-style cable length is around 50 cm but they included a cable management tab similar to the Jaybird X series that shorten the cable to your desired length. The control center is located on the right side and it house the mic, call function/media control button and volume rocker. The connectivity uses Bluetooth 4.0 with build in NFC function with maximum stable line-of-sight range up to 11 meters.

The rated battery life is 6 hours. For our battery life test, we uses the iPhone 6 at 1 volume bar we manage to get 6 hours and 30 minutes. Yes, this neckband is that loud even at 1 volume bar. Other brand usually average at 3 or 4 volume bar, it is good that Edifier amp it up. | Calvin Pixels |Edifier W288BT Review | Affordable Wireless Sport Headphones


Technical Specification

Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz
Impedance: 16Ω
Sound pressure level: 106dB
Cable length: 0.5m
Weight: 0.13kg
Iline control: Yes
Bluetooth 4.0 Support Pairing 2 Devices Simultaneously
Driver diameter: 5.5mm | Calvin Pixels |Edifier W288BT Review | Affordable Wireless Sport Headphones

Audio Quality

Tiaan – Be OK
The low bass frequency sounds superbly energetic and you can feel the air pressure moving in your ears.
Another notable thing is that the low bass frequency is well bodied and it doesn’t eat into the vocal but it slightly overpowered. No low frequency distortion is heard and the low bass frequency fade like a butter smooth.

Pia Mia – Do It Again
The bass is highly energetic and solid body. However, the bass doesn’t eat into the vocal but overpowers it slightly. It should be noted that the bass fade smoothly at the 2.05 mark. | Calvin Pixels |Edifier W288BT Review | Affordable Wireless Sport Headphones

Violinder – Raindrops
The piano and violin tone are well bodied and has good sharpness at the high frequency. The tone leans towards the warm sounding type and not the sharp-crystal–pitch sound but it is still good in my book. No extra shine needed just spot on. The bass or drum overpowers the piano tone slightly but it does not cause any muffle sound to the piano and violin tones, there a clear separation between them.

Pentatonix – See Through
Mitch Grassi’s Hi-Pitch male Tenor vocals perform really well at the high frequency with a good amount of sharpness. Each singer in the group vocal can be identified easily, the vocal humming and beat boxing has this 3 dimensional feeling. The mid-range is top quality when in comes to the sport IEMs market. | Calvin Pixels |Edifier W288BT Review | Affordable Wireless Sport Headphones
the Jaybird style cable management


I would say this sport IEMs is good from the low bass frequency to the upper mids end. I feel audio quality wise this model W288BT is better than the W293BT especially at the mid to the high range of frequency, the sounds is clearer. The IEMs also much powerful even at lower volume(audible levels). I hope to see Edifier updates this sport IEMs with active noise cancelling in the near future since they have the basics right. | Calvin Pixels |Edifier W288BT Review | Affordable Wireless Sport Headphones


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