This one of the Edifier’s affordable over-the-ears headphone, this model is an updated version of headphone to the famous Edifier W800BT that we reviewed. The package comes included with a the charging cable and a male-to-male 3.5mm headphone jack if you’re planning on going old school analog.  You can use the headphone cable in analog mode without powering on the headphones as an alternative way to listen to music. Latest pricing here Amazon/Shopee/Lazada.

For the I/O ports, the left side consist of 3.5mm headphone jacks while on the right side it has the charging port. Buttons which is located on the right side featuring your typical 3 button array. The headphone can be folded inward to be store easily without taking much space in your bag unlike the previous Edifier W800BT. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W820BT Review | Long Battery Life Wireless Headphones

The ergonomic adjustment consist of a 2 way swivel but its has a limited movement. I wished the newer revision would make it bend at wider angle for better comfort. The headband can extends up to 3 cm and it is reinforced with metal bands, it is great for user who has a big size head. The headbands has thin padding that curve well round the head. Looking at the ear cups the overall size is 9.5 cm by 7.5 cm with the opening being 6 cm by 3 cm, depth of 2 cm.

The ear cups is soft type material for long listening sessions. The padding is thicker and the passive sound isolation is decent but you can still can hear a little background noise. Shaking my head aggressively and the result is the headphone still grip on to my head well without it falling off. The headphone uses Bluetooth 4.1. Maximum stable line of sight range is 12 meters. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W820BT Review | Long Battery Life Wireless Headphones
The headphone is powered by a pair of 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers. The battery is rated to last up to 80 hours. Our battery life test is based on the iPhone 6 at the 5th volume bar lasted us 98 hours and 15 minutes. Beating the older Edifier W800BT which was 82 hours and 35 minutes. Battery life improvement.


DRIVER UNIT: 40 mm NdFeB drivers
WEIGHT: 0.26kg | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W820BT Review | Long Battery Life Wireless Headphones


Tiaan – Be Ok (Low bass frequency)
Low bass frequency is superbly energetic and superbly notable, you can feel the air pressure movement in your ears (6th volume bar). Low bass frequency is well bodied. It doesn’t eat into the vocals and has zero bass distortion. The subtle bass vibration fades smoothly. The low bass slightly overpower the vocals, but not in a huge amount to a point it muffles or pushes back the vocal behind.

Pia Mia – Do It Again (standard bass)
Bass is superbly energetic and notable, you can feel the air pressure. The bass fades smoothly at the 2:05 mark, the vibrations is a tad soft needs more kick. Bass slightly overpower vocals tho there is clear separation between the two. Bass is well bodied. EDM tones sounds excited and fun. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W820BT Review | Long Battery Life Wireless Headphones


Violinder – Raindrops (high frequency instrumental)
The Piano/Violin tone sounds right and natural, it sit in between the crystal-clear-type and warm-sounding-type, personally I prefer full crystal-clear type and I wished it had more shine at the highs. The tone are well bodied and it doesn’t sound half-hearted.
 The Bass/Drums does overpower Piano/Violin in term of audible levels, but there is clear separation between the two.

Pentatonix – See Through (hi pitch vocal/separation)
Mitch Grassi’s High-pitched-male Tenor vocals perform good at the highs more shine would be nice. Each singer can be identified easily. Every diction and pronunciation is crystal clear. Vocal beatboxing, echoing and humming is eargasm but does slightly overpower Mitch Grassi’s vocal in the song. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W820BT Review | Long Battery Life Wireless Headphones


The headphone performs well from the ultra lows to the upper middle range. Its an improvement over the older Edifier W800BT in terms of audio quality. The Ergonomic also change and it is more compact to store in bags a bonus point for not occupying the bags. The build quality is way sturdier thanks to the metal bands compare to older generation. It is a sign of relieved that Edifier listened to my previous reviews and furthermore improve their headphone. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W820BT Review | Long Battery Life Wireless Headphones


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