This is one of the well known and good Edifier’s selection when it comes to headphones. The headphone comes with a premium look with PU leather and metal alloy headbands. Let start with the ear cups, it is wide enough to fit my entire ear as the opening is 4 cm wide and 6 cm tall as well as 2 cm earcup thickness. It is very comfortable even after 4 hour of usage and you don’t even feel the headphone is there after wearing it for awhile. The ear cups and headband pressure is good, even if you shake your head there is no chance for the headphone to fall off. The sound isolation is good, although you can hear people talk nearby but most of the sound is canceled. Latest pricing here Amazon/Shopee/Lazada.

The headbands are made out of metal alloy, you can stretch each side up to 3cm. You can also bend it outwards twist it and the headphone will not break. The headphone is built tough for rough people and suitable for a long lasting headphone. The two tone PU leather is nice to touch as a finish. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W855BT Review | Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The right side house the controls for volume, media playback and calls buttons. The buttons are tactile based, you can use NFC to pair to your device effortlessly. Edifier provide a hard carrying case for those who love to travel and a 3.5mm jack if you want to feel retro or old school, the headphone also comes with the micro-USB port for charging along with its cable.

40mm dynamic driver powers the headphone and it uses Bluetooth 4.1 with the rated range is 10 meters. The device is supports aptX as well. The rated battery life about 20 hours but from our personal test using the iPhone 6 at the 5th volume bar we managed to get 34 hours 20 minutes. The rated standby hours is 600 hours. The headphone weight around 240 grams. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W855BT Review | Bluetooth Wireless Headphones



Pia Mia – Do It Again (Standard Bass)
The bass feel superb and it does not eat into the vocals. A very clear separation between the two and
bass doesn’t overpower the vocals.

Tiaan – Be Ok (Low Bass Frequency)
The low bass frequency is amazing you can feel the pressure in the ear cups, zero distortion, right amount of energy. You can hear the snare effect as the bass fades. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W855BT Review | Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


Ed Sheeran – Touch and Go (High Pitch Vocal/ Group Separation)
The guitar chords sounds sharp and precise. You can hear each guitar chord vibrating and how it fades as well. The singer vocals is clear and is not anyway muffled.

Violinder – Raindrops (Instrumental)
The Violin has the right amount of shine at the high frequency, feel warm too Violin /piano tones are not overpowered by the drums. Violin tones are louder than the drums, which is how the song is meant to be, good headphone which perform this way | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W855BT Review | Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


This maybe an old headphone model, but up to this date the audio quality is sufficient for everyday usage. I noticed from most online shopping platform, the price of the headphone has drop significantly making it suitable for gift or as a back up headphones.


Amazon | Shopee (MY) | Lazada (MY/SG)