Every company will slap the term gaming into everything to entice people. This is sold on Lazada for under MYR 50 or USD 12 on Amazon. Build quality is decent for the price, is lightweight since its all plastic build.  Weighting at 80 grams (100 grams with cable).

The cable is the glossy plastic type measuring at 1.5 meters long. The function is basic, you have you typical 2 thumb buttons that have some travel before the button are actuated. The left and right button feel right just uses slightly more force to actuate. Scroll wheel is smooth.

Calvinpixels.com | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | HP M150 Review | Budget Gaming MouseThe DPI is limited to either 1000 or 1600, too fast for any first person shooter game even with low in-game sensitivity. This mouse is mean for generic online or MOBA games where the high DPI can be helpful. I test this with League of Legend with 40 in-game sensitivity work fine.

However, this is a small mouse and I think is works best for young kids and teenager not adults like us. My hands size is 18 cm by 9 cm and the mouse is 11cm by 7cm by 4cm. In palm mode, there is 4 cm of palm dragging on the surface, for fingertip and claw sype is work fine just the ring and pinky finger touches the surface. The drag is high on this mouse wish HP introduce larger glide pad on the bottom for smooth drag.

I would say this mouse is for younger audience where parents who won’t be spending 150+ MYR onward for a serious gaming mouse. Is not the best but decent for starters.

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