Klipsch X12i Review | Reference In-Ear Monitor

Klipsch X12i Review | Calvin Pixels Review

Using a KG-926 Balanced Armature Driver house in a milled aluminum chassis that is under 6mm in diameter. Thanks to this thin design putting it on and off is easy. Plus it goes deep into the ear canal, sound isolation on this is superb. Weighs 15 grams, lightweight. Comes with a total of 5 eartips size that are oval shape to help with grip, clothing clip and a carry small pouch.

Klipsch X12i Review | Calvin Pixels Review

The remote control volume, media playback and calls works on IOS devices, not compatible with Android devices. The buttons is nice and clicky. The cable is 1.2 meters long which look nice as you can view the twisted cable in the plastic sleeving, easy to untangle them.

Klipsch X12i Review | Calvin Pixels Review

IMPEDANCE (1KHZ): 50 ohms

Now for audio quality test, my setup consist of the Iphone 6 with Cozoy TAKT AMP DAC and  Zenfone 3 Zoom.

Klipsch X12i Review | Calvin Pixels Review

Pia Mia – Do It Again
Bass is energetic and kept under control. Doesn’t eat into the vocals, not trying to overdo itself thus no distortion. 1.45/1.50 bass is noticeable, the subtle vibration is eargasm.

Tiaan – Be Ok
Low frequency no distortion, right amount of energy (feel the air pressure).

Vocal/ Instrumentals:
Violinder – Raindrops
Piano and violin is good but feels safe, lack a tiny bit of shine at high frequency. The bass/drums is bit more noticeable than violin/piano.

Ed Sheeran – Touch and Go
Vocals is good through the range especially the vocal humming (3.10 mark). Clear separation between vocal and instrumental. The guitar chords fades well but wished it had more shine/sharper sounding.

Pentatonix – See Through
Each singer voice can be heard clearly, vocal humming is pure joy. Mitch Grassi high pitch male tenor voice is good but I feel it lack shine since it’s a high frequency, mid range does well no doubt.

Overall it is well balanced and sound good from the low frequency to the hi range, hi is good which it had more juice in the sharpest part since I love my violin sound to be that way.

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