Knowledge Zenith, also known as KZ, is a well known brand among audiophiles being affordable and good sound signature. KZ ZS5 features a quad driver configuration featuring 2 dynamic drivers and 2 balance amature drivers.

The package come with 2 additional size eartips, wish it came with a pouch. However, the cable is detachable so you can get the wireless bluetooth cable or a typical 3.5mm jack with mic and one button control. 3rd party 2 pin cable are supported as well. Neat. | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | KZ ZS5 Review

Ergonomics wise, the tube length is short but the diameter is wider the most IEM in the market give a secure fit in-ear. The KZ can be used for sport as well, thanks to the flexible wire frame the loops to the back of the ears. One benefit the cable does not touch the face and cause discomfort, great if you do lots of sport or jogging.

Weight wise is very balance does not feel heavy, sound isolation is excellent just like the Edfier Oxygen we review earlier. We tested this on the Iphone 6 at 5 volume bar and the Lastest Macbook Pro 13 inch. | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | KZ ZS5 Review

Technical Specification

Driver unit: 2 dynamic driver (10mm) + 2 balance armature each side (total driver is 8 units)
Rated Power: 10mW
Receive Sensitivity: 106dB
Impedance: 18Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20,000Hz

Audio Quality:

Tiaan – Be Ok
Low bass frequency have a solid body or feel to it. Highly energetic in term of air pressure. The low bass frequency fades smoothly towards the end doesn’t eat into the vocal, clear separation between the both. No ear fatigue as everything is kept well control.

Pia Mia – Do It Again
The bass doesn’t eat into the vocal and cause any muffled sound, again the separation is there. Vocal surprisingly more noticeable than bass. No worries the bass fades smoothly (you can hear that little minute vibration) along with the snare effect. Bass feel solid and has the right of energy when it comes air pressure. | Calvin Pixels | Calvinpixels | KZ ZS5 Review


Ed Sheeran – Touch N Go
Guitar tones sound excellent on every note, you can even heard the subtle vibrations. Vocal performs solid when Ed Sheeran changes his vocal tones, this includes vocal humming, echoing, voice deep. Is totally eargasm. In short, every diction and pronunciation is crystal clear.

Violinder – Raindrops
Piano/violin is very good at high frequency, great amount of clarity or sharpness. The sharpness does not have any distortion and overall it some some warm tone to it thanks to the dynamic driver I presume. The piano/violin out shines the bass/drums tone which is how is meant to be.

In summary, it does well throughout the range from the low to hi frequency thanks to its quad driver setup. Each frequency range is taking care well. There is no muddy sound. Bass doesn’t eat into trebles, vice versa. I rate this as my 3rd favorite IEM after the Noble Audio IEM and Unique Melody IEM that he review in the past. Is a good IEM to start as an audiophile.

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