Sony 4K HDR OLED TV | A1E Series with Audio Test

Recently I attended the Sony BRAVIA Media Event. Sony showcase new technologies and a bunch of 4K & FHD HDR TVs. My jaws just dropped looking at the Z9D series, 100 Inch BRAVIA 4K HDR TV that is big as me. It’s a public event so people can see all the other 4K & FHD TVs offered by Sony in different screen sizes and price point. I made a simple table to showcase the features in a summary form in the video (0.30).

But the star of the show for me personally would be the A1 Series 4K HDR OLED TVs (A1E in USA/EU). It packs new stuff and tech into it. A1 Series comes in 65 inch and 55 inch screen size with an OLED Display. The display is superbly sharp and detailed, at the same time colour reproduction is the best I seen so far. The contrast level is great with deep blacks and bright whites. All thanks to their new X1 Extreme processor that makes this magic happen.

From a far, looks almost like a bezel-less display and viewing angle is really good. Plus, the display alone is thinner than my thumb and slightly thicker than my smartphone. It looks like an Art piece. The thin display also house the speakers or what Sony calls them, Acoustic Surface Technology. Where the speakers is place behind the display panel and the sound goes through the panel directly to the viewers. No more those nasty down facing or wall facing speakers, and yes is has a sub-woofer for good bass sounds.  The video above show the audio example, again this the best I could capture given the event area is big, carpeted and not against the wall but it perform well, imagine what it could do in a proper living space.

Other features include Android TV and  support for Dolby Vision HDR format

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