Asus Zenpower Pro Review | 10,050mAh (ABTU010)

Asus recently refresh their ZenPower lineup with the new 10,050mAh Pro and 20100mAh Ultra. Which come in Black, Silver and Pink colors. The 10,050mAh has an business card size aluminium enclosure which gives it the premium look. Dual USB ports with one of them offering support for quick charge 2.0, I wish it was 3.0. A bright LED of 70 lumens. 4 step power indicator and all this weighs 230 grams.

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Mi 5000mAh Power Bank Review | XIAOMI

Today we are looking at Mi power bank, a budget power bank that is really getting everyone hyped up, but can cheap be cheerful? Let’s find out. On the website is promoting itself to have also those fancy features common among other branded power banks, what is unique is the nine layer circuit protection built by Texas Instruments so expect the controller to be absolute best but you might be disappointed. more “Mi 5000mAh Power Bank Review | XIAOMI”

ABS J18G 12000mAh Power Bank Review

Is brand that is new in Malaysia, competing against those budget range power banks like Mi, Yaobao and Pineng. Looking at the physical feature is has plastic finish with the ABS logo in the middle but from afar it looks like a stitch leather finish, sneaky premium look. Also the 4 dot power level indicator. Weights 220grams. more “ABS J18G 12000mAh Power Bank Review”