Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST)

It’s duck season again. So, I guess you know what that means. Yes, we’re taking a look at another product from Ducky. This time, it’s the Ducky One TKL RGB. Basically, if you’re dreaming of a TKL version of the original One, this is it. With RGB lighting this time for some additional bling factor. In terms of designs, it’s similar to the original One, except shorter and with RGB backlighting this time. It features the thin bezel design, the glorious ABS double-shot keycap with sandblasted finish for good texture and all the design features that we’ve come to love. more “Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST)”

Gigabyte GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Review | Premium Pack Ed | VR Ready

The GTX 1080 is using the new GP104 graphics core based on the 16nm FinFET Pascal Architecture. With a total of 2560 CUDA cores. Its pair with 8GB GDDR5X, the 256-bit memory interface runs at 10Gb/sec, helping to drive 1.7x higher effective memory bandwidth than delivered by regular GDDR5. This specs alone makes the GTX 1080 4k gaming ready with maximum resolution 7680×4320@60Hz and VR ready. You run up to 4 displays if you fit to do so. The Gigabyte variant the core clock speed are: more “Gigabyte GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Review | Premium Pack Ed | VR Ready”

Ducky Shine 5 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review | Cherry MX Red

We’ve previously taken a look at the Ducky Mini 60% Keyboard & the Ducky One, now we’re taking a look at the big bad boy, The Shine 5. This time, we went and got the Cherry MX Red switch version just to switch it up a little bit. There are apparently ones with the new Cherry MX Nature White which sit in between the Red and Brown switches. We’re all accustomed with Ducky their and use of German made Cherry MX switches, their on-board menu system and their individually backlit keys. But this time, they’re fully RGB. more “Ducky Shine 5 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review | Cherry MX Red”

Ducky Secret RGB Gaming Mouse Review

This marks the first gaming mouse from Ducky. They’re taking a different approach than their competitors. Starting with the build materials. They went with PBT, which is much more durable and stronger than ABS plastics. As they are unlikely to face surface corrosion which normally occurs to matte finish plastic products that become smooth after a long usage.

more “Ducky Secret RGB Gaming Mouse Review”