AC1200 Wireless Router Challenge (Asus RT-AC55UHP | TP-Link Archer C5 | D-Link DIR-850L)

Lets see who fairs better when it come to the AC1200 Router category with this comparison video. Today we have the Asus RT-AC55UHP, TP-Link Archer C5 and D-Link DIR-850L going head to head with one another. For the similarities are they have dual band with the same signal rating of 300Mbps at 2,4Ghz and 867Mbps at 5Ghz as well as 4 Ethernet ports. The Asus has a 1 USB3.0 port located at the front and 1 USB 2.0 port at the back, total 2 USB ports. The D-link has single USB2.0 port while the TP-link has 2 USB2.0 ports. The Asus has a longer antenna compared to the rest with D-Link antenna is build into the shell of the router making it look better (and cleaner) than the 2 others. With all the physical comparison aside, lets move on to the actual performance which you have to check in the video above. Asus fairs better than the other two when it come to signal strength. TP-Link and D-Link has a glossy surface which looks really nice on any surface but attracts fingerprint and dust, yes you can clean the surface but you will introduce scratches to the surface as glossy surface is prone to micro-scratches.  Below are the pictures or each of the router we have tested.

AC1200 Wireless Route Challenge (Asus RT-AC55UHP | TP-Link Archer C5 | D-Link DIR-850L) | Calvin Pixels Review
The antenna length for Asus and TP-Link, Asus being the longest.




TP-Link Archer C5

DSC05201 DSC05206 D-Link DIR-850L DSC05211 DSC05213


Speedtest, 3 meter distance from the router.
Ping 12 | Download Speed 94.10Mbps | Upload Speed 50.54Mbps

Ping 12 | Download Speed 94.42Mbps | Upload Speed 50.34Mbps

Ping 13 | Download Speed 94.36Mbps | Upload Speed 50.86Mbps

Ping 12 | Download Speed 94.31Mbps | Upload Speed 50.10Mbps

Ping 11 | Download Speed 94.27Mbps | Upload Speed 50.66Mbps

Ping 11 | Download Speed 82.57Mbps | Upload Speed 50.57Mbps

Ping 10 | Download Speed 82.64Mbps | Upload Speed 50.24Mbps

Ping 11 | Download Speed 81.21Mbps | Upload Speed 49.85Mbps

Ping 11 | Download Speed 78.10Mbps | Upload Speed 50.49Mbps

Ping 10 | Download Speed 79.09Mbps | Upload Speed 50.44Mbps

Ping 16 | Download Speed 91.96Mbps | Upload Speed 50.33Mbps

Ping 16 | Download Speed 90.16Mbps | Upload Speed 50.06Mbps

Ping 14 | Download Speed 92.73Mbps | Upload Speed 50.95Mbps

Ping 16 | Download Speed 91.95Mbps | Upload Speed 49.87Mbps

Ping 12 | Download Speed 90.77Mbps | Upload Speed 50.36Mbps

Asus RT-AC55UHP: Here
TP-Link Archer C5: Here
D-Link DIR-850L: Here
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TP-Link Routers: Here
D-Link Routers: Here

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