ASUS ROG Gladius Review | Gaming Mouse

Aimed at mainly FPS gamers and designed to be suitable to all grip styles (palm, grip and finger). DPI isn’t the highest in the market, but it makes up for it by providing the best possible ergonomics, accuracy and hardware option. This mouse is very customizable. So, you can customize it to really fit your personal style and preference.

Features durable Japanese OMRON mechanical switches and a socket design that allows replacing and upgrading of switches (Compatible with OMRON D2F & D2FC mouse switch). The mouse included 2 extra switches and you can buy more online. It is so customizable, you can pick what type of cable you prefer (braided or rubber) as its detachable and even changing the mouse feets as 1 additional set of Teflon mouse feets included. Specification wise it features an Avago ADNS-S3988 optical sensor that has a native DPI of 6400. Weights 116g. Built in flash storage to store user customized profiles from the Armoury software.

ASUS ROG Gladius Review | Gaming Mouse |
Deep Curvature On The Right Button

Build quality is great overall. It uses hard plastic for construction that has a smooth finish. There is a very noticeable 2 tone design. Grey for the top half and black for the sides and the bottom. The side rubberised grips have that Mayan inspired design similar to other Asus products like the Whetstone Gaming Mouse Pad and GR8 console PC. Design is pretty minimalistic other than the ROG logo. The click buttons are separated from the main body unlike other mice. The scroll wheel made by Alps. And it is really nice and tactile to use. On top of that is the DPI change button which can change the DPI in 2 steps. The cable is detachable and goes into the mirco USB port on the front of the mouse. This feature is great as it makes it really easy to store and travel with. On the bottom of the mouse is where you’ll find the sensor and the four large Teflon pads. The slider switch on the bottom is for unlocking the removable cable. This is great as you won’t likely dislodge the cable by accident during usage. Lastly, the cables. There are 2 options as mentioned before. One of them is braided and the other has a standard rubber coating. Both have gold plated USB connectors. Which is a nice touch.

ASUS ROG Gladius Review | Gaming Mouse |

It’s quite a hardy and reliable mouse. It performs great at whatever you can throw at it. Strategy games, daily use and productivity. It excels at all. Accuracy and smoothness is no question. It features the same sensor as in the Razer Death Adder and unlike most ambidextrous mice, the right handed only design means they can focus more on comfort. Rather than versatility. Everything about this mouse just so refined and streamlined. The Armoury Software was really well developed as well. It’s easy to navigate and tweak what you want without needing to dive into elaborate menus. It provides just enough for all your needs and doesn’t go overkill with the features. For lighting, there isn’t much to it. You can adjust brightness or turn it off entirely. To change the mouse switches, it is a really straight forward 4 step process. But, the downside is that you will wreck the Teflon pads (one extra set is included with the mouse for this reason) as you would need to remove them to access the 4 screws needed to open up the mouse. I wish they would put the screws elsewhere or even implement a screw-less design. So, in this case, unless it really bothers someone. I don’t really see anyone actually going ahead and changing the switches

ASUS ROG Gladius Review | Gaming Mouse |
Combo-ed ASUS ROG G501


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