Asus ROG Sica Review | Gaming Mouse

It’s a ambidextrous mouse that can cater for both left-handers or right-handers, you can customise futher in the software “Armoury” itself and it also has a 5000 DPI sensor. The logo is illuminated by a red accent LED, though I wish the logo was much smaller say 60% of the current size.
Using the Armoury software, means you are also able to save your profile into the mouse with its onboard memory, you can actually customize the buttons,  performance and even the light effects. This is an entry gaming mouse by ROG itself , designed for budget gaming and also MOBA games in mind. However, my experience using the mouse it caters more for claw type of users than the palm type of users; since its profile is much lower and flatter.

On the side you can see the Mayan inspired design with its rubber texture. On the top you actually get a special steel grey coating that minimized sweat and dust by easels but I noticed that dust and dirt does stick on surface but it’s easy to clean up with the tissue paper. So, this is an entry level gaming mouse, now it may not please general market because of two things. Number one is, ambidextrous design means for right-handed user you may not get the thumb buttons that you want. For me as a right-hander user, I wish to have a thumb buttons which i means that i can forward and backwards. Next thing, it doesn’t cater much for palm design because the mouse is more flat profile which it does not have the hump on it’s back of the mouse body that could make you feel comfortable if you are a palm user. So there is a minor drawback.

The plus side is a really flat and light mouse, it’s only weight 80g, so you can actually travel in the game on the go, when it comes to ultra-thin, light portable gaming machines that you play League of Legends or simple low level graphic games. This mouse can be a secondary gaming mouse that if you want to travel around with a light setup. Generally I will not call this a gaming mouse but rather a normal mouse that you can use for your daily like web surfing, edit your documents, homework, assignments and etc.

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