ASUS ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition Review


Under the 1080p 5.5 inch IPS Corning gorilla glass  3 screen house the Andriod Lolipop OS, The Intel Atom Quad Core Z3590 clock at 2.5Ghz, PowerVR G6430 GPU, 4GB LPDDR3 Desktop Grade RAM, 3000mAh battery, LTE Cat 4 and Bluetooth 4, Dual sim card and SD card support. All this under a 170g weight factor, a lightweight Flagship smartphone.

The screen to body ratio is 72%  a bit low compared to rivals in the market I wished it had hit above the 80% mark with a thinner bezel. It has the same 13MP Toshiba sensor like the other Zenfone line up, F2 – 5 element lens, dual tone flash,minus the laser focus which is sad because the focus will be faster with it, includes a 5MP front facing camera.


The first key difference between the normal edition and the special edition is the memory storage that comes included, the special edition has a 128GB eMMC internal flash storage by Toshiba and 128GB SD card by Phison a total of 256GB storage in total great for 3D games, full HD videos as well as hi bitrate FLAC format songs. You don’t need to spend time worrying of transferring contents from your phone to your PC, all you got to do is add more contents to your phone instead.

Internal Memory: 149MB/s Read 105MB/s Write
SD Card: 31MB/s Read 16MB/s Write

The second difference is the physical look with the side red accent borders around the phone that somewhat makes the phone pop up from your hand. It come with 2 unique back covers first being the Carbon Night, a carbon fiber weave back cover and the Drift Silver, a grey silver polygon back. Both inspired from the racing industry. The covers give a unique design that’s stand out from the now common leather and aluminium smartphones in the market. DSC02831   DSC02845 DSC02828

The phone has a great feature that I like most which is the fast charging where you can get to 60% battery charge in 39mins so you can wait less and do more on your phone with the included 18watt charger. The Deluxe is promoted for its gaming experience so far everything is smooth with the games we tested, moving between home screen or between loading apps is sweet sugar fast. Speaker is just okay, the bass lacks punch, mid range is decent and Asus needs to work more on audio clarity because as the volume gets louder clarity reduces, but if you’re a headphone user this isn’t something to worry about.DSC02849

I still prefer if the power button is located on my thumb side as pressing the power button with the index finger can cause fingerprints to stay on the lens element as your finger has to forcefully reach it, the volume rocker is placed in a good place as my finger can reach it easily. The screen works well under sunlight conditions as I’m able to read the fonts or see the screen activities. Battery life is good with our in-house battery test it got 5 hours 34min. For the benchmarks you can check out the video review.


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