Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Review | Entry Level Referance Headphones

The Audio Technica Street Monitoring is a compact on-ear DJ styled headphones that caters to people whom want good sound while being portable for daily commutes. It is marketed towards the mobile users on both Android and iOS platforms. It comes in 5 different colours, they come in either a mixture of a black base with white/green/blue/pink or just plain all black. It features a 36mm driver and it weighs at 110 grams.

The construction is made mainly out of plastic, including the band. This makes it quite flimsy and avoid flexing it at extreme angles. The cable is 1.2 metres in length and it’s soft and thin so it easily curls up for easy storage. The swivel-folding feature helps in storage and travel portability. It has an in line volume slider which is smooth and easy to use. The ear cup rests on top of the ears as its an on-ear design with decent pressure that doesn’t cause discomfort. In terms of sound isolation, it is quite decent and doesn’t block out everything so you can commute safely while being aware of your surroundings. The swivel is great as it can be angled to fit the shape of your face. I wish it had more padding on the head band for better comfort as well as the capability of folding inwards for further compact storage such as the Beyerdynamic 501p.

Now for the audio quality, Pia Mia’s Do It Again was okay overall. The bass is present, but lacked energy and the low range didn’t shine well. The mid range has a decent body
and solid clarity for it’s price. For Ed Sheeran’s Touch n Go, the guitar picking is sharp and clear, hi notes are good, and the mid range is solid with a good body especially
the part where his voice was dragging and going deep. The separation is noticeable between instrumental and vocals. The sound stage is more towards the front.


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