BenQ Zowie Mouse Pad Comparison | SR & TF-X series

BenQ has been really aggressive lately when it comes to pushing their products into the market alongside their gaming sister brand Zowie. They’ve been quite successful to boot as they’re rising in popularity. Especially their gaming mice in the CS:GO E-Sports scene. Today though, we’re taking a look at their mouse pads.

And again, we’re met with multiple models to choose from. Which are the SR-series and the TF-X-series. Each series having 2 models respectively. The G-SR and P-SR for the SR series, and the G-TFX and P-TFX for the TFX series. The difference between the G and P moniker is the size. The G variant which we currently have being the biggest that’s aimed towards home applications, while the P variant is the smaller one meant for more portable applications.

BenQ Zowie Mouse Pad Comparison | SR & TF-X series | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels
SR Series, Cloth based surface and less texture

From a glance they may look similar. They have a rubber base, a Zowie and BenQ logo on one corner, stitching for the corners and edges, and the same 3.5mm thickness. Where they differ is in the materials used for the surface. For the SR, it feels like a more traditional mouse pad with the cloth surface. Being rubber based instead of silicone, it does have the generic rubber and cloth mouse pad smell. It does fade off overtime though. Which is good.

BenQ Zowie Mouse Pad Comparison | SR & TF-X series | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels
TF-X Series, highly textured surface, great for mouse glide due to low surface drag

For the TF-X, it melds together the comfort of using a cloth mouse pads with the durability and slick gliding experience of a plastic mouse pad. It is much stiffer and more textured feeling compared to the cloth on the SR. Much like any other plastic mouse pad. But, with added flexibility and comfort of a cloth one. One thing to note is that it doesn’t roll out flat straight out from the box like the SR. This is due to the inherited properties of plastic, but it should flatten out after regular use.

BenQ Zowie Mouse Pad Comparison | SR & TF-X series | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels

Overall, which one should be recommended? Well…. I can’t say as this mainly based on user preferences. Some are accustomed to cloth while some will prefer plastic ones. Plastic are great for fast movements and mouse   flickering due to low surface drag. Have not had one before? Then I’d recommend heading out and trying them beforehand. Cheers.

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