Beyerdynamic DTX 71 iE Audio Review

It comes with its little carrying pouch. This is a light weight IEM as it weights 40 grams, the cable is 1.2 meters long and most important bit is the cable does not touch your face. For long listening session is really comfortable. The benefit of the long cable is you’re able to run the IEM straight down to your phone in your pocket. Built quality is solid for the entry level IEM.

Sound isolation is decent but not the best , so you still can hear your surroundings. Some view with is a bad point but this is great for commuters who needs to aware of surrounding. I mean seriously you don’t want to get knock down by a car right? Cable strain is solid and there’s no sign of the weak point.

For audio testing,For Pop/EDM I actually choose Madonna – Imperium, the bass present but not to the point that cause ear fatigue, so is great for listening long sessions. For vocals, I choose Pentatonix  – See Through, the vocals is a tiny bit flat but has a decent body to it.

But the review is short and sweet, but I do recommend this entry level Beyerdynamic to everyone, especially those who are commuting trough train, bus or public transport because its a light earphone that you can chunk it to your bag and travel aroud with it. In fact you can squeeze it in to a small form factor as well.  

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