Beyerdynamic iDX 120 iE Review

Designed mainly for Apple ecosystem where the remote part which house the mic and three button that help you control calls and media playback (volume up/down/play/pause), works with other android smartphone with the exception that the volume control cant be used. Its using a 10mm neodymium driver that is housing in a full metal enclosure where the surface is anodized to give it a matte premium looks.


The main part is 30cm in length and the extension cable is 90cm long. The flat cable has a rubberised feel and doesn’t get tangled easily. The package comes with a total of 7 types of earbuds, adapter plug so you can share your music with a buddy, 2 detachable extension cable both 90cm long, soft carrying pouch and cable clip. All connector ends are gold plate. When using the IEM, is comfortable, doesnt touch your face. The remote is near to the lips and you can easily whisper into your phones during calls and you’ll know the position well without looking it, I had no problems controlling my spotify app with it.

Audio Test:

EDM/Pop:Pia Mia – Do it Again.  Bass energetic but rather muffled sounding, no body,zero distortion , easier mixed with vocal thus no audio separation. The bass after hearing for long duration do have some ear fatigue.


Vocal/Intrumentals: Ed Shreen – Touch and Go. Guitar has some body but has muffled sound. The chord vibration is less noticeable. Vocals is good at the mid range but falls short at the upper mid range and hi range, lacks shine.


BD iDX 120 iE: Here
Beyerdynamic: Here

Jaben Audio Store: Here

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