This is BlitzWolf IEM BW-ES2. The package comes with a shirt clip, a total of 3 eartips size and a hard carrying case for those who are constantly on the move. Latest pricing here Amazon/Shopee/Lazada. | Calvin Pixels | BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Review | Dual Dynamic Driver

The BlitzWolf has a dual 6mm Dynamic driver that hope to provide a better bass and mids. The overall profile has an all black matte finish with a semi-transparent bit to show the dual dynamic drivers. Sound isolation is good, especially people are talking and noisy environment such as bus ride the sound pollution is reduced by halved.

The cable is 1.2 meters long, untangling it can be a nightmare hence why they provided the cable organizer to keep it neat and tidy. The cable organizer is a Velcro base which other IEM should follows. The BlitzWolf  BW-ES2, comes with the 3 typical buttons array that controls the volume, media playback and calls.


Cable Length 1.2m
Driver size 6mm
Impedance 16Ω
Frequency 20Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity 108 ± 3dB | Calvin Pixels | BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Review | Dual Dynamic Driver


Our test usually uses the iPhone 6 at the 5th volume bar but we had to bump to to the 7th volume to fully get its potential.


Tiaan – Be Ok
The low bass frequency does slightly overpowers the vocals. The low bass is super energetic and you can feel the air pressure booming in the ears. I strongly advice hearing at a lower volume to prevent ear fatigue.

Pia Mia – Do It Again
The bass feels energetic, the vibrations can be felt easily and fades smoothly at 2.05 mark of the song. The plus point is that the bass does not eat into the vocals.

Vocals/Instrumentals :
Ed Sheeran – Touch and Go
The guitar tone sounds safe but it is acceptable and it lacks a bit of shine at the highs. However, the vocals performs well and the guitar vibration can be heard but softly.

Violinder – Raindrops
The violin/piano tone sounds okay and it feels somewhat safe. It feels like Blitzwolf doesn’t want to try to add more shine into the highs. The bass/drum does overpowesr the violin/piano tones slightly. | Calvin Pixels | BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Review | Dual Dynamic Driver


The BlitzWolf BW-ES2 dual dynamic driver performs very well at the low bass frequency to the mids. The highs is borderline okay, this model is suitable for POP/EDM songs. It is similar to JVC twin driver IEM just cheaper and it need more refinement to sound better.


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