CM Storm Devastator II Review | $30 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo

We’ve seen plenty of gaming keyboards and mice for as long as we’ve been here. But I do admit we’ve been lacking some content for the lower budget range. So, today we’ll be taking a look at the Cooler Master Devastator II Mem-chanical keyboard and mouse combo. They cater really well in the low budget arena and are a good choice for those wanting an entry into the gaming scene but don’t want to spend too much as gaming equipment can or are considered quite expensive. Especially those very good ones. I would say it’s a good birthday or Christmas gift to your budding gamer kid should he want to delve into the gaming scene.

CM Storm Devastator II Review | $30 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo | Calvin Pixels |

Let’s get straight into the build quality. Don’t expect too much here folks. It’s, of course, mainly made out of plastic and polymer parts. It flex quite a bit and it does rattle when shaken. The mouse on the other hand is actually quite decent. It’s constructed out of plastic as well and matches the keyboard’s LED illumination. Speaking of that, they come in 3 different models. Which are those with Blue, Red or Green LED’s. So, you would have a few colour options should you not fancy any one of the available colours. Only the LED’s on the keyboard can be toggled on/off but the mouse can’t. The keyboard doesn’t have it’s own on-board memory. So, you would have to toggle the backlight every time your PC reboots. The scroll wheel of the mouse does make that rattly and squeaky sound when used. It might get on some people’s nerves, especially those used to much more premium gear. But hey! Look how much you’re paying for this piece of kit.

CM Storm Devastator II Review | $30 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo | Calvin Pixels |

In terms of ergonomics, I would say they’re actually quite decent. The click actuation is a little bit on the heavy side for my liking. But, that’s up to personal preferences really. The finishing on both the keyboard and mouse is okay. Both of them have quite angular designs. Though ergonomically they’re not bad and they do not cut into your flesh after long usage. The finishing is not as good as the usual soft touch and matte finish. Oils and fingerprints do build up on the mouse over time. So, do regularly clean it to keep it in tip top condition. The keyboard has a mixture textured plastic, angular lines and glossy plastic accents. Though the glossy parts are a fingerprint magnet especially that are under the space bar. Overall I wouldn’t want to complain much about the build quality judging by how much it costs.

CM Storm Devastator II Review | $30 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo | Calvin Pixels |

The mouse has an optical sensor with 1000, 1600 and 2000 DPI levels. I personally find this too sensitive and hope they would have settings options for 400 and 800 DPI. The optical sensor is a nice touch compared to the traditional laser ones. It fares pretty okay in day to day use but it does have some issues when it comes to fast movements such as flicking. Pretty good for a mouse in this price range. The keyboard is decently comfortable for typing and gaming. It features Cooler Master’s own Mem-chanical switches which uses a rubber dome with a plunger that allows for a more mechanical feel. As expected, they don’t perform on par with good mechanical switches as they feel quite mushy. But they are a very good when compared to other membrane keyboard. The key travel is further compared to usual membrane keyboards. Overall it’s a nice hybrid between mechanical and membrane. On the plus side, they are much more quiet compared to mechanical. So, you can buy your own and customize the keycaps. Speaking of keycaps, the ones that come with it aren’t spectacular. You can’t really read the lettering on the keycaps as they are semi transparent and aren’t painted at all. Hilariously, a new keycap set would usually cost more than the keyboard and mouse combo.

CM Storm Devastator II Review | $30 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo | Calvin Pixels |
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Overall, what do I think of the Devastator II’s? Well, like I said, it’s a combo that offers very good value as you get both a keyboard and mouse together. Both performing quite solidly for what they are. While I have not tried the version 1 of the Cooler Master Devastator, putting myself into the shoes of a 13 year old. I would be damn happy and satisfied if I got one for a present to kick start my gaming adventure.

CM Storm Devastator II Review | $30 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo | Calvin Pixels |
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