Ducky Flipper EXTRA Review | Gaming Mouse Pad


We all know Ducky is renowned for their brilliant keyboards and we have already taken a look a the Ducky Mini, Ducky One, and even the Ducky Secret Mouse. It’s going to get even more quacky with the Ducky Flipper Extra. An Extra large mouse pad for all your mouse pad needs. Plus, it goes well if you want to complete your Ducky set.

Moving on to the build quality. Overall, it’s decent given what you’re paying for it. Dimensions are 800m long by 350m tall by 3mm thick. So, yes, this is one big black mat. The materials used are a rubber base fused with a cloth material coated with water resistant coating. I wish the sides are stitched together to prevent the materials from splitting apart in the future. Do note it is not washable as the rubber base is porous. But the water resistant cloth top is good as it doesn’t absorb liquids like sweat and doesn’t build up odors after prolonged use.

Ducky Flipper EXTRA Review | Gaming Mouse Pad |
Sides Are Not Stitched

My user experience with it was great so far. Gliding experience was good and the mouse pad had many practical usages. Personally, it doubles as a table top as I can place a lot of stuff on it apart from my keyboard and mouse combo. Not to mention, my Ducky combo looked better than ever. It’s quite handy even for our B-roll sessions as it provides a good surface to place the product on while protecting the wooden surface underneath.

Ducky Flipper EXTRA Review | Gaming Mouse Pad |
Ducky Shine 5 RGB As Size Reference

In conclusion, if you want a good large sized mouse pad for a good price, this would be on the go to list. In terms of actual quality, there are better ones out there. And there are definitely bigger ones if you fancy those. But, if you want something practical, that plain works, and goes well with all that Ducky Gear, then the Flipper Extra may be the one for you.

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