Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST)

It’s duck season again. So, I guess you know what that means. Yes, we’re taking a look at another product from Ducky. This time, it’s the Ducky One TKL RGB. Basically, if you’re dreaming of a TKL version of the original One, this is it. With RGB lighting this time for some additional bling factor. In terms of designs, it’s similar to the original One, except shorter and with RGB backlighting this time. It features the thin bezel design, the glorious ABS double-shot keycap with sandblasted finish for good texture and all the design features that we’ve come to love.

Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST) | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels |

In terms of rigidity, it’s no question, it has that Ducky shine with it’s build materials and quality. Knocking it sounds solid, trying to break it by brute force is most likely achievable if you have the strength of a majestic brown bear. Compared to the transparent orange casing and Cherry MX Blue switches last time, we went with a black one with Cherry MX Brown switches this time for some extra stealth.

Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST) | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels |
Two stage height adjustment

I mentioned before that the design is similar, but we’re gonna take a look anyway just for you guys sake. First off, we’ll see the huge Ducky Logo on the back of the keyboard. On the top side, we’ll get the two stage feets, the cable management routes and the detachable micro-USB connector just like the original One. I would say, this would be on my list of compact size gaming keyboards that’s reasonable to carry around. Only to lose to the likes of the 60% keyboard and Poker keyboards. But, this gives you all the keys you will need with as less shortcuts as possible.

Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST) | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels |
Cable management, 3-way

The Ducky One TKL RGB is like the child of the Ducky One and the Ducky Shine 5. It features that on-board menu and software-less design that we come to love or hate. We’ll go through some of the basics should you already have One and want to customize it to your hearts content from the get go. Firstly, for the colour modes, there are 2 categories which is the Single Colour LED Modes and the RGB LED Blending Modes. To cycle through the modes for single colours, press FN+F9 for a total of 8 modes. Which are Full Backlight On, Breathing, Wave, Snake Marquee, Reactive, Ripple, Aurora and Full Backlight Off. You can even adjust the colour mix using FN+F5/F6/F7 for Red, Green and Blue respectively. FN+ F8 will clear all the colours and FN + Spacebar will bring up the colour palette which lights up all 108 keys with different shades of colours. By pressing the key with your preferred colour, it would display that colour across the whole keyboard. To toggle through RGB LED Blending Modes, press FN+F10. The only differences are the LED’s would light up in RGB and the addition of Color Cycling, Raindrop and Ripple Mode Advanced. FN + left arrow/right arrow would increase or decrease the speed of the lighting animation.

Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST) | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels |
Brightest RGB LED by Ducky

  Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST) | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels |

For custom lighting modes, we are given two customizable settings. Which are CM1 and CM2. They are selected using FN+F11 and FN+F12 for each mode respectively. To set them up, you would have to record your setting onto the custom settings. FN + PrtSc will record for CM1 and FN + Pause is for CM2. Then Caps Lock + F5 / F6 / F7 is to setup the Red / Green / Blue respectively. To erase all the LED lights use Caps Lock + F8 and finally to end the recording, press Caps Lock + Scroll lock. There are also 6 macro profiles which you can select using FN + 1/2/3/4/5/6 for Profile 1 – 6. Profile 1 is the default selected profile. For more know how on how to setup the other settings and to access the on-board media controls, please do refer to the instruction manual included, download it through the product website.

Ducky Keyboards: Here


Ducky One TKL RGB Review (DKON1687ST) | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels |
Translucent switch with white back plane for better LED Brightness

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