Ducky Secret RGB Gaming Mouse Review

This marks the first gaming mouse from Ducky. They’re taking a different approach than their competitors. Starting with the build materials. They went with PBT, which is much more durable and stronger than ABS plastics. As they are unlikely to face surface corrosion which normally occurs to matte finish plastic products that become smooth after a long usage.

For switches, they went with all Omron switches have been known for their durability, it does have some click resistant to prevent you for making unwanted clicks but not that noisy compare to other well know gaming mouse. Feels satisfying as well. The side thumb button has the same resistant as the above buttons just that the back button is little bit softer for ease to press once the thumb bends backwards. Scroll wheel, it’s nice and tactile. Comes with a 1.8m soft rubber long cable.

Ducky Secret RGB Gaming Mouse Review |
Ducky Secret on Ducky Flipper EXTRA Mat w/ Ducky Shine 5 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Secret is loaded with RGB lighting. There are 3 lighting zones. Near the thumb area and the scroll wheel and a big one on the right hand side of the mouse. Secret is a softwareless mouse meaning you have to click few button to change key setting like DPI, Lighting and Color mode, surface calibration, angle snapping and polling rate.

Ducky Secret RGB Gaming Mouse Review |
Your Fingers Shall Glow

For DPI (RED LED appears): Press the DPI button here which comes in 7 level adjustment ranging from 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200 and 5000 DPI

For Lighting Effects: To toggle between RGB color cycling or single color, press the DPI button continuously then press middle scroll button. To adjust single color press DPI button continuously then click the middle scroll button once, you see the color stay one shade use scroll wheel to scroll the color of your choice. To off the color just hit the same DPI button and double press the middle scroll button.

For USB Poll Rate (GREEN LED appears):  Press the DPI button and Right button. Adjustment in 125, 250, 500 and 1000Hz.

For Angle Snapping (Yellow LED appears): Press DPI button and Thumb Forward Button for disabled, level 1, level 2 and level 3.

For Surface Adjustment ( BLUE LED appears): Cloth mat, Plastic mat, Metal Pad, Wooden Top and Customize. For customise surface, hold Left button + Middle button + Forward Thumb button for 3 seconds, yellow led flash 3 for surface detection. Draw a circle in the same direction as it will take up to 7 seconds to detect and red led will flash slowly. After detection, light will appear green led for 3 seconds to confirm settings and apply the adjustment.

Ducky Secret RGB Gaming Mouse Review |
Side Thumb View

Secret has that natural grippy surface and they won’t wear off easily like the matte or rubberised finishes on most products. It’s a right handed only mouse and is mainly designed for palm style users but as a claw user is work very comfortable for me plus the light hitting you fingers gives it a nice glow. Its Ducky’s first gaming mouse and they did a good job with build quality, ergonomics and their well known lighting features, softwareless concept may be foreign to many but is actually easy to work with. A simple and reliable practical gaming mouse with RGB.

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