This is Edifier’s wireless IEM (actually an earphone with long earbud as sound tube) in a flexible neckband form factor featuring IPX5 water resistance and magnetic ends. The package comes included with a charging cable and 3 pair of ear tips. I wished it came with a soft carrying pouch. The ear fins are one piece with every ear tips but it does perform well for gym activities and slow pace walking. The neckband does dangle around during running, it is advisable to just walk. Latest pricing here Amazon / Shopee / Lazada. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W310BT Review | Neckband Style In-ear Headphones

The controller is located on the right side and it houses the charging port, microphone and the typical 3 array buttons. The buttons does have a tactile bump and are easy to navigate. The sound isolation is decent but it can be better if they made the ear tips long so it can enter deep into the ear canal. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W310BT Review | Neckband Style In-ear Headphones
the buttons

The Edifier W310BT is powered by pair of 9mm Neodymium Dynamic Drivers. The connectivity uses Bluetooth 4.2 and the maximum stable line of sight is about 11 meters. The rated battery life is about 8.5 hours, our battery life result test is based on the iPhone 6 at 4th volume bar which lasted about 9 hours. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W310BT Review | Neckband Style In-ear Headphones
magnetic ends

Technical Specification

Sensitivity: 104dB
Resistance: 10Ω
Frequency Response Range: 20-20000 Hz
Waterproof: Yes
Frequency Response Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Driver Unit Diameter: 9mm
Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth 4.2
Working time: 8.5 Hours
Weight: 31g

Audio quality


Tiaan – Be OK (Low bass frequency)

The low bass frequency has a good energy and feels firm, you can feel the air pressure booming in your ears. It doesn’t eat into the vocals and has zero bass distortion. The subtle bass vibrations fades a little too quick. Although it should be noted that the low bass slightly overpower the vocals.

Pia Mia – Do It Again (standard bass)

The bass has decent energy and has presence. The bass fade smoothly at the 2:05 mark but the vibrations is a little soft for my taste. The bass doesn’t overpower vocal much and it feel balanced, clear separation between the two. Bass is well bodied. EDM tones sounds fun. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W310BT Review | Neckband Style In-ear Headphones
without and without the eartips-hybrid-fins


Violinder – Raindrops (high frequency instrumental)

The piano and violin tone sounds right and natural, it leans closer to the crystal-clear type not the warm-sound, personally I prefer crystal-clear type. It has right amount of shine at the high and the tones are well bodied doesn’t sound half-hearted.
 The bass and drums slightly overpowers the piano and violin in term of audible levels, but there is clear distinction between the two.

Pentatonix – See Through (high frequency vocals/ vocal separation)

Mitch Grassi’s hi-pitched-male Tenor vocals perform really well at the highs frequency with the right amount of shine, it feels bright. Each singer can be identified easily. Every diction and pronunciation sounds crystal clear. The vocal beat-boxing, echoing and humming is eargasm which doesn’t overpower Mitch Grassi’s vocal in the song. | Calvin Pixels | Edifier W310BT Review | Neckband Style In-ear Headphones


The IEMs performs well from mid to high range easily, great for vocals and instrumentals. The bass is fine but not booming enough for bass heads, this IEMs is suitable for the people with refine taste. Essentially, this is identical to the Edifier W285BT in term of audio quality.


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