Edifier W800BT Review | Superb Battery Life Headphone

A Bluetooth headset that is priced under RM200 on Lazada, affordable yet packs TKO (Technical Knockout) in weight and battery performance.  Package comes include the micro USB charging cable and gold-plate 3.5mm jack with metal housing.

Edifier W800BT Review | Long Battery Life Headphone | Calvin Pixels

It’s over-the-ear ear headphone with 40mn driver that weighs 205g without the wire attached and 220g with cable attached. A lightweight over-the-ear headphone. The cable is 130cm long. For connectivity it is using Bluetooth 4.0 with max rated range of 10 meters, we gotten 11 meters stable.

Edifier W800BT Review | Long Battery Life Headphone | Calvin Pixels

There is ample padding on headband and comfy ear cup which has a 5.5cm by 4cm opening. Sound isolation is decent, still can listen to people speak nearby. Clamping pressure is rather light benefit is no discomfort after pro-long use great for gamers grinding for long hours.

The battery rated to last 35 hours playback or 800 hours standby, able to last a weekend sport activity. But we didn’t get the same result with the rated playback (but is good news). Our setup is consist of iPhone 6 and external portable DAC Amp Cozoy TAKT at 5th volume. We gotten 82 hours and 35 minutes max. So, the 35 hours rated is likely done at full or higher volume volume. This was so unexpected for the price.

Edifier W800BT Review | Long Battery Life Headphone | Calvin Pixels

Despite being fully plastic is durable and can take some beating. There is no swivel/2-axis/3-axis joints tho the headbands can extend another 3.5cm on each sides. I/O wise, the left has the 3.5mm port while the right has the micro_SUB port for charging. For buttons, the volume rocker is located on the back of the headphone which is a easy reach using the thumb while the multi purpose button is located the flat side of the headphones.

Surprisingly Edifier managed to make the headphone look good, one who make plastic look like metal finish is always a good thing. Has the brushed metal finish on each side that reminds me of the Asus Notebook PC metal finish.

Edifier W800BT Review | Long Battery Life Headphone | Calvin Pixels

Audio Quality

POP/EDM: Pia Mia – Do It Again
Bass is really good and it fades well. Just for a 40mm driver, I wish it has more punch and energy to it (ie Bass Pressure) tho the Bass doesn’t eat into the vocals.

POP/EDM: Tiaan – Be Ok
The low bass frequency is amazing, well bodied and good energy but it sounded like it fade to quickly (low freq).

VOCAL/INSTRUMENTAL: Violinder – Raindrops
Piano/Violin is good, felt that the tones ended quickly doesn’t have a smooth fade, the drums is much more noticeable than the piano/violin.

Guitar feels a little pushed back or tiny bit muted but the drums/kicks does sound well. Group vocal humming is decent here.

Guitar chords ends quickly for vocals is decent for the price. Vocal humming there is some eargasm to it.

I feel this Edifier Bluetooth Wireless Headphone play it safe when it come to the low and mid range. For hi range this is not one for look for. Again we should judge just on audio quality alone, look into its other features like the lighweight and long 82 hours battery life. Esp under RM200.

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