Final Audio Design Adagio II Review

We’ll be taking a look at a pair of IEM’s, the Adagio II from Final Audio Design a Japanese Brand. First thing I noticed is that the earpiece themselves are shaped like turbine engines, apart from looking cool, this serves the purpose of providing good air flow to the drivers to enhance is bass characteristics. Final Design opted for 8mm Dynamic drivers and it come with 2 additional earbud size.

The cable is 1.2m long. They’re quite thin but it easy to untangle them. Despite being thin, the cable is not at all flimsy and will withstand any travel condition possible. Best part they do not touch my face during use. The connector itself is right angled and gold plated. Overall, build quality is good.

The earpieces themselves are made out of solid plastic which is less likely to break. But, do note that they are prone to scratches as they have a shiny glossy finish. In total they only weigh 10grams which is super travel friendly and in combination with the nice and soft earbuds, it’s really comfortable for long hours of use.Final Audio Design Adagio II Review |

Audio test:
Madeon – Imperium
Bass is presence from low to high bass frequency, is has a good energy level it feel little muffled, though there is no ear fatigue during long use. Zero bass distortions.

Vocal and Instrumental
The XX – Islands
Vocals has decent body to it, again little muffled but an average person will not noticed it, wish the upper mid range and hi range was little sharper. Guitar picking is good, no distortion to it, can here the chords vibration well

.Final Audio Design Adagio II Review |

Compare to the Final Design Heaven 2, this is more bass orientated since is small back opening for air flow whereas the Heavens 2 is fully close back thus heaven 2 is not bassy. Adagio performs much better than those earbud that come with your phone with it being very light and has a good durability.

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