Honor 7 Enhanced Review | Camera | Benchmark

The body is made from aluminum and is sand blasted to give its premium look with either grey or silver finish. The screen is 5.2inch full HD with screen-to-body ratio of 76.7% and 423PPI giving the user a sharp and detailed look. The screen color saturation is rated at 85%, giving you the well saturated vibrant viewing experience. Light-weighted flagship smartphone at 157g. Support external micro SD card or up to 2 nano SIM.

Honor 7 Enhanced Review | Camera | Benchmark | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels
Support external micro SD card or up to 2 nano SIM

The battery capacity is 3100mAh and it support fast charging fills 50% battery in 30 minutes through its proprietary charging technology. For battery longevity is has a feature called Smartpower 3.0, helps save battery power up to 30% through hardware and software optimization. We have not feel if it actually work, maybe a little but not much. From our standard battery test using brightness level set by light meter and YouTube playlist we got 7 hours battery life, not bad as we reviewed the Asus Deluxe SE in the past which only lasted 5 hours 34min.

Its using Huawei’s own in-house chip the Hisilicon Kirin 935 CPU. Quad-core 2.2 GHz Cortex-A53 & quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53. 3 GB RAM . The Honor 7 Enhance version comes standard in 32GB capacity (versus 16GB in Honor 7 normal) and supports SD card support up to 128GB. The internal read speed is 123MB/s and 113mb/s for the write speed. For benchmarks do check out the video above. Thermal performance wise the rear cover using a aluminum magnesium alloy that increase heat dissipation by 7x, decreased chip power consumption by 15%. Yes it does work, phone doesn’t face much thermal performance throttle but you do have warm hands, great for winter time.

Honor 7 Enhanced Review | Camera | Benchmark | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels

Looking at the camera, the rear its using a 20MP Sony IMX 230 sensor for better low light performance; with F2.0 27mm lens and dual tone LED. For the focusing system, its using a phase detection on the sensor with 0.1sec AF speed. The front facing is 8MP, F2.4 26mm lens pair with a single tone LED for selfies. Its come with various shooting modes which we mention in the video. Video is maxed out at 1080p 30fps with HDR available. Images produced by the Honor 7 is exposure well though I would bump extra ⅓ stop for my taste as the camera tends to shoot little bit dark some times, it’s well saturate and the contrast is just nice, the highlight and darks well control and less artifact from sharpening. Check the video review for the SOOC pictures and RAW video footage.

Honor 7 Enhanced Review | Camera | Benchmark | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels
UI similar to Iphone IOS camera app

The best feature of the phone goes to the smart key, single/double/long tap allow user to access app shortcut without going through the typical long way, saves you time and you get things done faster. I set mine to screenshot, activate LED and access setting menu. If ever you lose you phone instead of asking someone to call your phone, why not say “Honor where are you?”, the phone will notify its position with LED blinks, vibrations and “I’m here” voice. Great for people who misplace the gadgets a lot.

Honor 7 Enhanced Review | Camera | Benchmark | CalvinPixels | Calvin Pixels
Wish the combo jack is located at the bottom instead

Smart Fingerprint sensor has a 360 degree fingerprint recognition, unlock within 0.5 sec. You can use it to turn on/off notification or quick photo snaps; it doesn’t stop there as you can set it with other functions like “back” button to surf back the previous website your have visited.

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