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An entry IEM cater mainly for youngsters who is into Bass, POP and EDM genre. It has JBL Pure BASS signature which is noticeable in our bass test. It has 8.7mm driver which it underpowered as we had to run our test at the 7th volume instead of our usual 5th volume.

The one button remote control call and play/pause and house the mic. The cable is 1.2 meter long, flat style which untangle easily. Look good with all matte white finish and glossy rose gold finish on the buds. Sound Isolation is good, can faintly hear people talking. It comes with a soft pouch and 2 additional size eartips. Weighs 14g. Its price USD25 or MYR 100.


Audio Setup consist of iPhone 6 + Cozoy TAKT | Zenfone 3 Zoom

Pia Mia – Do it again
Bass is energetic, well bodied as you can hear it fade smoothly and the pressure (1.26/2.11) can be felt. Bass doesn’t eat into the vocals.

Tiaan – Be Ok
Low bass frequency is well bodied, you can feel the bass pressure, fade well.

Ed Sheeran – Touch and Go
Guitar chords is good each vibration can be heard, well bodied just need bit more shine upper mid. Vocals is great throughout the vocal range, vocal humming is eargasm.

The XX – Intro
Drum/Kicks is well bodied fades. Snare feels flat or pushed back, needs some shine.

Violinder – Raindrops
Piano/Violin performs well just need bit more shine. Very balance as the drum/bass and violin/piano doesn’t override one another.

Pentatonix – See Through
Vocals is good. Mitch Grassi voice (male hi pitch tenor voice) performs great just need little bit more shine on the upper mid to hi range (0.45), vocal humming is great.

Perform well from low to upper-mid , JBL manage to keep it under control tho I have to point out that our audio test we had to push to the 7th volume instead of our usual 5 volume. The IEM need more juice to get it to its full potential. It’s more for bassy and pop listeners.

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