JVC HA-FXT208SE Review | High-Speed Twin Driver

JVC HA-FXT208SE also known as twin driver IEMs. It features the new Twin System Unit that promises better bass and a more defined sound signature. It adopts both Titanium and Carbon Diaphragms powered by 3 magnets to provide faster sound generation. There is an acoustic tube chamber that supposedly makes the sound production much more linear across the range. JVC HA-FXT208SE Review | Hi-SPEED Twin System | CalvinPixels | CalvinPixels.com
The cable is 1.2m long which has a nice looking braided gold look and ends with a Gold plated connector. Plus, they don’t tangle very easily despite not being a flat type cable. Come with a hard carrying case and 2 additional earbuds size. Moving on to the earpieces themselves, they’re angled to fit the ear canal well and topped off with really nice soft earbuds. The earbuds feature spiral dot patterns to reduce echoing. The housing are made out of a high density material that comprises of mixing glass fibers so it would less likely break in any event.

JVC HA-FXT208SE Review | Hi-SPEED Twin System | CalvinPixels | CalvinPixels.com
Top view of the angled buds and Elastomer (bottom)

Each side has the JVC logo on the front and on the back are the Twin Bass Ports (air passage). These provide air flow to the drivers to improve the bass reproduction characteristics. Then there’s the Fit Support themselves, which are made out of Elastomer. This feature is great as it allows the earpieces to remain firmly and comfortably in your ears without slipping during intense movements like running. In my experience, this is great as I’ve never experience them falling out my ear and in turn it always provided the right amount of pressure and a good sound seal. It easy to remove to pull the earbuds by pinching the back.

JVC HA-FXT208SE Review | Hi-SPEED Twin System | CalvinPixels | CalvinPixels.com

Audio Quality
Pop EDM Pia Mia-Do it again and Tiaan – Be okay
-Bass is punch and energetic , full and bodied well but eats slightly into mid range
-They perform better toward low to mid frequency bass with the high frequency bass being slightly muffled. It doesnt vibrate well despite being energtic
-i felt no ear fatique even with prolonged bass session

JVC HA-FXT208SE Review | Hi-SPEED Twin System | CalvinPixels | CalvinPixels.com

Vocal Instrumental
The XX – intro & Ed Sheeren – Touch n go
-Guitar chord are nice and full but lack hi pitch tone or sharpness toward to end
-Vocal echoing has good body and depth esppcially the humming part or draging of vocal
-Mid range is good just need more kick toward the hi range sound, or sharper clarity

Great for people who are into bassy songs as the IEM is energetic and punchy when it come to the bass. Good sound isolation prevent most surrounding sound to be heard. Comfortable because the cable doesn’t touch you face.

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HA-FXT200LTD: http://amzn.to/2b4G6So
HA-FXT100: http://amzn.to/2aDRnI7
HA-FXT200: http://amzn.to/2aw3NyQ


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