Leopold FC900R Standard Mechanical Keyboard Review

Leopold FC900R is a full 104 keys, a Korean mechanical gaming keyboard with the Cherry MX switches, ours being Cherry Brown variant. There are two types of FC900R, one with LED Backlight and ours being the one without LEDs. It come in black, white or navy color as well.

Its features N-key rollover using PS2 adapter or 6 key rollover over USB, 6 rubber feet including the stand with a lift of distance of 2 cm, a 1.8 thick USB cable and weights 1.2kg. The only LED that is available are on the caps lock, scroll lock and number lock in blue color. Dimension are 440 x 140 x 33 mm. Package Comes with additional caps, caps remover and PS2 adapter. The overall build is solid and tough, the surface doesn’t flex even when pressure is applied. Finish is nice and give a premium look to the user.Leopold FC900R Standard Mechanical Keyboard Review | CalvinPixels.com

Leopold FC900R Standard Mechanical Keyboard Review | CalvinPixels.com
3 Way Cable Management + DIP-Setting Switch

The 1.5mm PBT keycaps has a nice smooth matte finish which is nice to type on. The benefit of PBT over ABS plastics is it last longer durability wise and cleaning up is easier as well. The front facing lasered legend is the best feature as I always like my top keycaps to be plain (provided you know where your keys are placed) as it gives a minimalistic look from any point of view. Great for pure matte black builds. For longer keys they included cherry stabilizers for balance key press. The travel distance is good during typing, just the right spacing between keys.

Leopold also fitted the keyboard with sound absorbing pad to reduce impact noise a feature that only few companies out there that does it, combo with brown switches it did reduce feedback noise, creating a less noisy typing experience. A feature that I look forward to. leopold_fc900r_black_info_2

The multimedia shortcuts
Fn + F6 Backwards
Fn + F7 Play/Pause
Fn + F8 Forward
Fn + F9 Stop
Fn + F10 Mute
Fn + F11 Volume Down
Fn + F12 Volume Up

The DIP-Switch Settings  leopold_fc900r_black_blue_switch_info_3   Leopold FC900R Standard Mechanical Keyboard Review | CalvinPixels.com

Overall I’m very happy with the minimalistic approached and the build quality is absolute as I’m not able to flex the keyboard. Looks sexy at every point of view with the thin bezel and when my RGB lights hit it, it gave a sexy color tone which blends well with the matte black finish. Just a side note removing the caps may not be easy as the gap between keys is tight but not a problem to those who will not be customizing the keyboard caps.


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