Logitech K780 Review | Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

The Logitech K780 is a wireless keyboard that can support multiple device on the fly with a press of a button. It can support all operating systems and different type of devices maybe it PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

It your standard full size keyboard with number pad. The keys are flat captive style which offers quite typing experience with decent key travel. The keys doesn’t feel mushy and has some resistances. It has an integrated slot that help to hold device up to 12inch like the Apple Ipad, which is angled well for viewing experience. The keyboard is build tough but is heavy, weighting at 875 grams a bit overkill for this kind of keyboard which can be lighter. Good thing is it stay on the table top and doesn’t move around easily.

You can connect the keyboard in two ways the USB dongle for PC and Bluetooth for smart devices. Total of 4 device at on go. The wireless part, can go as far as 10 meter but from my test it can go 13 meters before the signal comes bad.

The battery is rated to last up to 24 months and its powered by 2 AAA batteries. It has on/off switch but if you forget to off the power it has a auto-sleep function that helps preserve the battery life for you.

Great for table top minimalistic setups or people who doesn’t like wires running  around. I actually explain more info in the video review above, check it out.

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