Logitech MK240 Wireless Combo Review

A compact keyboard bundle with a mouse with matching color scheme. The design is good and built quality is rock solid, no part wiggling inside the keyboard and mouse.

It feature spill holes under the keyboard, example like u having a coffee in Starbucks and you spill your coffee over your keyboard, it will just drain out from the bottom. Clicking wise is really solid and key travelling is quite nice, there’s no layout issues. Examples like most of the compact keyboard  out there have some problem like resize of keys and you will feel very weird while get use to it.

Layout for the keyboard is standard size which is quite mimics for the small laptop. It comes with RF receiver, it’s quite thick and wish they make it smaller. Basically just plug in and play, don’t need to install any software. The keyboard takes two AAA batteries and same goes for the mouse. This is good third party option for finding keyboard and mouse combo instead of spending tons of money for the first party keyboard solutions, since tablet don’t comes with the keyboard anyways.

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