Marvo Scorpian Review | M315 Gaming Mouse + G1 Mouse Pad Combo

We had reviewed plenty of gaming peripherals so far. But, most of them usually cost upwards of 100$. Do not fret, as we’ve not forgotten about you guys. So, we’re taking a look at something more affordable for those whom are looking for something more budget. Today, we have the Marvo M315 Gaming Mouse and G1 gaming mouse pad combo. It costs around RM50 for the set here in Malaysia and approximately 22USD. Pretty affordable and accessible I’d say.

We’re jumping straight onto the design. If I had a rating system for mice, I’d rate this an 8.5 or 9/10 as this is surprisingly very comfortable for me despite it’s price point. It may be different for other people though. My ring and pinkey finger are nicely supported by the grooves on the right side of the mouse. A design aspect that I’d wish most gaming mice manufacturers adopted for their higher end products. It’s designed to be suitable to right handed palm grip users like me. The thumb grip area is great as well. My thumb doesn’t accidently press onto the side buttons and there is a ledge that allows my thumb to rest on it just like the G502. The 1.2 meter long cable is braided. Nothing fancy, but it’s a nice touch for a mouse in this price point. On the bottom side, we get 4 pads and the sensor which is placed slightly off-center with the word “DPI 1600” written right beside it.

Marvo Scorpian Review | M315 Gaming Mouse + G1 Mouse Pad Combo | Calvin Pixels

The button beside the left click is designed to register as a double click when pressed. Good for MOBA gamers such as League of Legends, DOTA2, Heroes of The Storm and so on as we usually click a lot of times just in case the click wasn’t registered. The click actuation weight is slightly on the heavier and stiff side compared to the G502 that I currently own. But, no complains here as it’s completely subjective. Those who have a heavier click actuation weight preference may not feel anything off when using this mouse. The scroll wheel is usable and good enough for most gaming or day-to-day applications.

Marvo Scorpian Review | M315 Gaming Mouse + G1 Mouse Pad Combo | Calvin Pixels

Below the scroll wheel, sits the DPI cycle button. There are 3 DPI settings. Which are 800/1200/1600. The LED’s will cycle through Red, Green and Yellow in association to the aforementioned DPI settings. With a max DPI setting of 1600, I see this greatly benefitting MOBA players whom want to get into gaming grade peripherals but are not yet serious and would just want to take it for a spin before deciding buying into much more expensive and premium gear. Personally, for CS:GO and Overwatch, I find the max DPI of 1600 just sufficient. For those whom require a mouse with a more accurate and sensitive sensor for more competitive play in FPS games, I wouldn’t recommend this mouse for that. For casual MOBA players, it’s a good start to get into gaming equipment.

Marvo Scorpian Review | M315 Gaming Mouse + G1 Mouse Pad Combo | Calvin Pixels

Moving onto the G1 gaming mouse pad that is included with the mouse. It’s a nice inclusion as people would probably get their first feel as to what a gaming mouse pad feels like. Especially for those whom have not used a mouse pad with their mouse before. It’s a generic cloth mouse pad with a textured rubber base that is slip resistant. The edges aren’t stitched, so you may start to experience fraying after extended periods of use. In terms of performance, we have tested many gaming mouse pads and found that there isn’t a discernible difference between any of them. Probably the main features that people would care about are the build quality and different build materials used.

Marvo Scorpian Review | M315 Gaming Mouse + G1 Mouse Pad Combo | Calvin Pixels

Personally, I think is a good thing that products and companies that make them exist, as it give a lot of people an opportunity to try out basic gaming grade peripherals before buying into more expensive ones in the future if they want to do so. Plus, the majority of people in the market can’t afford most of the gaming peripherals that are out there, so it’s practically an almost untapped market. Overall, despite the pricing, the mouse is comfortable and is usable for most gaming applications that do not involve highly intensive and competitive FPS applications. Definitely a one to recommend for those who really want to start using gaming peripherals at a very affordable price point.

Marvo M315+G1: Here
Marvo Gear:  Here

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