Mionix Castor RGB Review | Gaming Mouse

Build for right-handed gamers which the ergonomic cater to all type of grip like palm, claw and fingertip, even the ring finger and pinky finger has a special groove to rest on making it comfortable to use. To maximise the grip on the mouse top surface Mionix added 4 layers of rubber coating, so it will last longer than conventional single coat and is soft to touch on. The thumb area has a rubberise texture surface to lock your thumb into position and stay put.

It’s gold plated USB with 2 meter in length. On the bottom has 2 PTFE mouse feet for super smooth gliding on any surface. Weights 142 grm with the cable while the mouse a alone is 94grams. For the sensor they are using PMW-3310 gaming grade optical sensor which can be push to up 10000 DPI great for FPS gamers. With the button on the mouse to switch between 3 DPI setting you can customise this in the software.
Mionix Castor RGB Review | Gaming Mouse | Calvin Pixels

Looking the software (check the video above) you are able to set 5 profile sadly you can’t switch on the fly via the mouse only in software. You can change to polling rate, double click speed, scroll speed, acceleration and some button if you choose a macro key or other function, I’ll leave it as it is since a basic mouse. Under performance you can adjust the DPI in both X and Y axis separately great if you’re flicking the mouse side wise fast, the pointer speed and lift off distance also the surface analyse help the mouse to adapt to any surface which I highly recommend to use.

Mionix Castor RGB Review | Gaming Mouse | Calvin Pixels

Under color setting you can choose between few lightning effects like Colour Shift, Blinking, Pulsating and Breathing Effect. Only two area of the mouse is lighted the scroll wheel and the logo, is to dim for my taste and I wish along the side of the mouse had some LED strip. You can selective light up between the two and change their colour as well. I wish they had included speed control to make it faster or slower for each effect. The last tab is for macro setting which is self explanatory. Is a good and comfortable mouse, but the RGB light is limited because is not bright enough and it should have more area for LEDs as your palm rest on the mouse only the scroll wheel light can be seen.

Mionix Castor RGB Review | Gaming Mouse | Calvin Pixels

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