Mistel Barocco Review | 60% Ergonomic Keyboard (Barocco MD600)

Mistel Barocco is a 60% split keyboard. Designed for ergonomic in mind, where users can place the keyboard into any angle or position they see fit and comfortable for them to use. Think it as a better version of the well known Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboard in gaming grade and 60% profile.I just wished they included a wrist rest/pad to complete the ergonomic experience. Comes in either white or black color, white is great for RGB version. The key cps are PBT with two side printed fonts. Brown Cherry MX switches with Cherry MX mechanical stabiliser instead of spring based, that reduces the rattling sound cause by typical spring based stabilizers.

Mistel Barocco Review | 60% Ergonomic Keyboard | Calvin Pixels | CalvinPixels.com

There is a macro function to switch of the some keys function to another function. This is a softwareless keyboard so you need to remember few shortcuts which I included a diagram below for your reference. But accessing the second line function is usually by hitting Pn/Menu button and you’re good to go, for example arrow keys.

Mistel Barocco Review | 60% Ergonomic Keyboard | Calvin Pixels | CalvinPixels.com
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This keyboard is unique as you can use the both sides with the curly cable, I just wished it was less springy and thinner for aesthetics reason, you can use either side alone or get full keyboard experience by getting the number pad. My review will be based on gaming and productivity. For gaming like Blade and Soul, a chain based combo game I use both sides combine together but for Overwatch I use them only on the left side since I don’t type in game and prefer to use voice chat. The benefit is I can bring my mouse much nearer to my left hand, is it feel really nice you have to see the video for visual explaination. Go for Cherry MX Red for speedier actuations due to its linear design.

Mistel Barocco Review | 60% Ergonomic Keyboard | Calvin Pixels | CalvinPixels.com

Where this keyboard shine is the typing experience and damm (HELL YEAH!), this is now my top 3 favourite keyboard for the ergonomic reason. First being the Realforce Topre Keyboard that I review and liked for typing experience. The Borroco did improve my typing speed by 25% or average 25 words extra per minute. I place it in a soft v shape and I realised my body come much closer to the keyboard and my arm bends outward from the body make the experience much more comfortable. Typically keyboard my arm come much close to my body and back shoulder comes stiff and making me take frequent rest. Well word can’t describe what I say so check out the review video.

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