Oppo R9s Review | A Snappy Cameraphone

The 5.5 inch full HD AMOLED screen is nice a vivid, does well under sunny outdoor light. It has Gorilla Glass 5 coating and 16 millions colors. Holding the phone on its side doesn’t touch the screen area and you’re able to enjoy you video content at full screen. Audio wise is decent for a smartphone in portrait handheld but in landscape handheld your palm may block the speaker port.

Ergonomics wise, thumb is at the correct reach for the power button, pointy finger on the volume button and fingerprint is within one thumb movement reach downwards. Prefer this conventional design than button on the back of the phone. The fingerprint scanner is fast, is not an actual button but is vibrate similar to Iphone 7 style as a form of feedback. Best part is if your finger is wet, it can still read it without any hiccups. Overall weighs 147 grams and 6.6mm thin on its sides. Comes in gold, rose gold, black and recently red.

But the selling point of this smartphone is its camera. Both the front and rear camera uses the same Sony IMX398 16MP sensor that has the onboard Dual Phase Detection Autofocus for speedy snaps. Rear uses F1.7 aperture while the front uses F2 aperture. The back is uses a single tone LED which is being color corrected towards pink tone. The front facing camera will use HDR mode in low light to balance out the highlights and black so your image doesn’t look wash out.

So on camera app. Starting from video mode, you can change the resolution on the left control from 720p to 4k tho there is no OIS, so opt for handheld 3-axis stabilizer or hold as firm as possible. EIS available on 720P and 1080p option, tho the video is wobbly. Video quality is decent, I found the exposure change quite fast rather than a smooth transition.

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In auto mode, the app exposure the scene well you can use the slide to adjust finely, but most of the time I use touch shutter instead since the exposure is accurate. For manual mode (Oppo calls it Expert mode),you can control everything except for shutter speed is either auto or slow shutter from 1s to 16s, your best bet to brighten or darken the scene after you point the focus is to adjust via exposure comp. Not a big issues since the phone is design to be simple and encourage the person to snap fast. Not very often one would change shutter like 1/125, 1/200 or 1,2500 that takes time. The autofocus speed in well lit area is fast, tiny bit slower in low light but doesn’t struggle or focus hunt (see the video for the action).

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This baby is powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa-core processor clock any 2Ghz (MSM8953) backed with a 4GB RAM for smoother operation and Adreno 506 GPU for good graphic performance. The internal storage is 64GB expandable to 256GB via microSD card. It has support for dual nano sim card. Running custom version Android 6 namely Color OS 3.0. The 6 lines on the back is its antenna line that provide the user better reception for 4G and Wi-Fi signals regardless of orientation.

In-house battery test: 9hr 40min
EPIC citadel HP: 59.8FPS
Bonsai Bench: 39.2FPS
Antutu Bench: 66552
PCmark work1: 6566
PCmark work2: 4676
PCmark Storage: 4674
3Dmark Ice unlimited: 13852
3Dmark ice extreme: 8111
Read 225mb/s write 153mb/s

At the time of producing this review content, R9s Plus is release. The differences between the Oppo R9s Plus and Oppo R9s, is the Plus has OIS, 6GB RAM, 4000mAh battery and 6 inch screen.

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