This is Plantronics Backbeat Go 3, it has a premium looks thanks to its grey tone with a plastic finish (that looks like wood). It has somenano-coating that makes it water-resistant and sweat-proof. Cable is 60cm long, untangle easily and I wish it came with cable management like Jaybird’s as short cable length so it would be good for sports/workout. It weighs 19 grams. Latest pricing here Amazon/Shopee/Lazada. | Calvin Pixels | Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 Review | In-Ear Headphone

The package comes with 2 additional size earbuds. If you purchase with the charging pouch option it can give you up to an additional 13 hours of battery life. However, that would set you back 100 USD and without the pouch it is 80 USD. For this review the version we have is the one without the charging pouch.

The battery life is rated to last 6.5 hours, we manage to get it up to 6 hours with the 5th volume bar on iPhone 6. When in idle mode, when you press any button it will tell you how much estimated battery life is left.  It has wireless range of 10 meters, but we manage to get up to 11 meters with a line of stable sight. The sound isolation is good, it blocks majority of the sound. Thanks to the loop, it gives double the grip support, if you move your head aggressively there is no way the IEM will fall off anytime soon.

There is an app for this IEM but is more on the tutorials, on how to switch to another Bluetooth device, update the firmware and notify the battery life.


Type: In-Canal
Connection: Bluetooth
Wireless: Yes
Removable Cable: No
Phone Controls: Yes
Active Noise Cancellation: No
Surround Sound: No
Run Time (Up To) 6.5 hour(s)



Audio Quality test performed on the Iphone 6.


Pia Mia – Do It Again
The bass is energetic, well bodied and fades well smoothly that you can hear the subtle vibration. The bass doesn’t eat into the vocals which is good.

Tiaan – Be Ok
The low frequency bass is overpowered and there is a tiny bit distortion which I had to lower the volume to 2nd bar from the 5th.

Vocals/Instrumentals :
Ed Sheeran – Touch and Go
The guitar sound is decent, it lack shine or the sharp sound. It feels a little muted as guitar chord ended quickly. The vocals is decent but does lacks shine on the upper-mids onwards tho vocal dragging/humming is good.

Pentatonix – See Through
The vocal group humming is an eargasm. However, Mitch grassi hi pitch vocal did not shine well. The vocal clarity could be improved throughout the range. | Calvin Pixels | Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 Review | In-Ear Headphone


The Plantronics Beatback Go 3 perform well from lower mid to mid range, again this a portable IEMs for sport and everyday commute. Normal pop and bass song would do a good job. Plantronics need to step up the audio quality in order to compete with other brands, it has all this great feature but the sound quality is the main factor that hold this model back.


Amazon | Shopee (MY) | Lazada (MY/SG)