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The GUNNAR RPG are 1 out of 2 lines in a collection produced under their partnership with Razer. The other one being the GUNNAR Cerberus. This partnership unites GUNNAR’s expertise in lenses and technology (GUNNAR’s iAMP lenses) with frames designed by Razer to bring you eye care glasses that look awesome.

Razer Gunnar RPG Onxy Review | Gaming Glasses | Calvin Pixels

Like all GUNNAR products, build quality is no funny business. It’s built really solidly using an aluminium-magnesium frame that will guarantee long lasting durability as well keeping it as lightweight as possible. The temple grips are made out of thermoplastics and have a nice light grip to prevent the glasses from slipping. The temple grips have incorporated a twin hidden spring hinge design so it can flex and rest comfortably on a wide variety of head and face shapes. Even with headsets on, they do not press uncomfortably onto my scalp. The nose pads       are made out of rubber and they’re adjustable as well.

Razer Gunnar RPG Onxy Review | Gaming Glasses | Calvin Pixels
With The Siberia 650

Initially, it took awhile to get used to the Amber tint of the lenses. But, after getting used to it, you’ll barely notice it as your eyes will automatically adjust to it. They are designed this way for the purpose of filtering high-energy visible blue light by increasing the contrast. The lenses are coated with an anti-glare coating which in turn reduces the strain on your eyes.

Razer Gunnar RPG Onxy Review | Gaming Glasses | Calvin Pixels
Amber Tint

These claims by GUNNAR are in actual fact, true. My eyes feel less strained when working long hours on the computer and I feel more relaxed. As for their claim for reducing the effect of dry eyes, it didn’t really work out as they were no less dry than they were without the glasses. Though, the fact that I’m working in an air conditioned room may be contributing to that factor. So, your mileage may vary. I do not wear prescription glasses, but GUNNAR does offer prescription lenses for it which is really great as they cater towards more people For the regular Amber lenses that I’m having right now, there is a slight noticeable amount of magnification. But, after a certain period, your eyes will adjust. Might I add, that the regular base model will set you back 99$, adding prescription lenses will add another 150$, going up to Premium RX adds another 100$. That totals up to a whopping 349$, about RM1358. This can be hard to swallow for some people. If you’re already wearing contact lenses, you could go for the standard base model to save a couple of bucks.

Razer Gunnar RPG Onxy Review | Gaming Glasses | Calvin Pixels
Double Hinge

Do I like the GUNNAR RPG? Heck yes! But, can I recommend these to anyone out there? Yes! And No. Yes, they sure they are built really well and they do look cool, but that alone doesn’t justify as a reason to get one. Unless, you have tons of cash to throw around or you’re a fan of the Razer branding. But, if you suffer from eye fatigues, eye strain and headaches from staring too long at the computer, then I can definitely recommend you to get one. In these kinds of situations, they are a a godsend. If you’re not a fan of this particular model, GUNNAR does have plenty of models to choose from. The RPG’s really grew on me after my time with them, they are stealthy looking and they really reduce my headaches from long hours in front of a computer. Sadly, I had to return them. Till next time!

Razer Gunnar RPG Onxy Review | Gaming Glasses | Calvin Pixels

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