Razer Kraken Pro 2015 Gaming Headset Review

Looking at physical features, it has 4 pin connector which is the package includes an audio and mic splitter for PC use. The cable is soft and it is nice to touch. At the controls, you have the volume wheel and in light mic, which you can mute with the switch toggle.

The second main mic is hidden in the body and is fully retractable in and out and also can be bend at any angle that you desire. Looking at the headband, the padding I wish it was more to it. The ear cup padding is soft and comfortable but the problem is that pressure on to the ear is excessively high especially with the opening side is so small, that they actually press the top of my upper ear. I frequently find myself adjusting my ear to fit into the opening, so big ears may not be very comfortable in this situation.

The good part is actually deep inside and the isolation is super and i wish the opening is slightly bigger to accommodate with comfort. Although you can fold the head set but it’s not included with the carry poach or case, so travelling with it with wire dangling around is not a good idea, I wish Razer can address this.

This headbands are adjustable with every point 2 inches stop each white line to remind you where you left it off. Despite being made mostly out of plastic and the build quality is rather solid and don’t see any sign that it will break apart anytime soon.

For audio quality it performs well at low range where the game sound effect will be at its best like last bangs and other sound effect. However, at the mid range vocals where acoustic sound really matters , audio quality is muffled a lot, its not really good if you’re playing games where it involves a lot of dialogue like Witcher 3. So Razer need to address this to make it the best budget gaming headset.

More Info @Amazon:
PRO: http://amzn.to/29warY9
KRAKEN: http://amzn.to/29A2dPa


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