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We all know Razer and the fact that they make a wide range of gaming products. Well, this time they are going to tackle for a spot in the living room with the introduction of the Leviathan Mini. As the name suggests, it is in fact similar to the full sized Leviathan sound bar.

Albeit, made much smaller in size for more portability and versatility. It’s equipped with Bluetooth and a battery and aimed to go head-to-head with the Beats Pill. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

I consider the Leviathan Mini, one of their most significant products alongside the Razer Blade series and the Nabu Smartband. Derived from the larger and home-only Leviathan, it promises a complete sound range and versatility in a package 8 times smaller. It retains the same carbon fibre shell as the Leviathan. It weighs in at 538g all in. For its size, it does feel quite weighty. But, it’s small enough to fit into most bags. For the dimensions, it is 54 x 185 x 55mm (L x W x H). It’s decked out with 2 front-firing 45mm drivers as opposed to the 4 on the Leviathan and on the back sits the passive radiator. On the front, there is a black grill that houses the drivers with a silver Razer logo in the middle. For the top, we get 3 buttons that control the volume as well as sync button to pair the device with another Leviathan Mini for two-channel stereo listening if you have 2 of these puppies.

Calvin did notice that if you’re using the iphone 6 with spotify equaliser, the sound can be a little distorted due to spotify modifying the audio thus the data send over bluetooth. Turning off the equaliser improves the audio quality experience and yields richer sound. The speaker can get rather loud but clarity drops after the volume exceeds 80%. The best experience is at around 70% volume and below. It is plenty loud enough which you can hear from this.

Batery Life:
Razer Leviathan Mini Bluetooth : 11hr 22min with 5 volume bar on iPhone 6

Razer Leviathan Mini AUX : 11hr 55min with 7 volume bar to reach same volume as bluetooth loudness

For audio quality at 70% volume 3 meter listening distance:
POP/EDM: Chelsea Lankes – Bullet  : Bass is energetic, punchy no distortion, bass fade well, does not eat into the vocals

VOCALS/INSTRUMENTAL: Ed Sheeran -Touch N Go: guitar picking is awesome that you can hear the vibrating string, vocal is very good, has the right clarity, handles hi-pitch tone easily

I’ve never really owned a portable bluetooth speaker as I mainly travel a lot. But I’ve discovered it’s really nice to have one waiting for you when you come back home. It’s also really handy when you’re on road trips and want to share music with your friends in the hotel. Build quality is exceptional and the styling fits almost all situations and settings. The audio quality is exceptionally good for a speaker of this size. If you’re a Razer fan looking to complete your Razer arsenal then look no further.

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