Razer Nabu Watch Review

Razer Nabu Watch, in short two different core function in one watch, you have a digital chronograph in main screen and smart function on the secondary screen. Design wise look exactly like a G-shock watch, with an all black look with some green highlight around the buttons and font, what is interesting is the green glow neon color in purple lighting beautifully. The 4 side button are texture nicely and is nice to press doesn’t feel soft and mushy as it have some resistance to it. For additional 50USd more you can go for the Forge edition which comes with a stainless build , looks much sexier but sticking with the edition is fine.

Razer Nabu Watch Review | Calvin Pixels | CalvinPixels
Sexy sides

The watch comes with a soft rubber finish all round the face area which is resistant to minor scratches, only the logo and front button are semi matte finish. It has a 5ATM water resistant (pressure) (50m, 5 atm = Suitable for swimming, fishing, other outdoor activities.) and 5 meter shock resistant. I do take it to showers first few days but I find it rather uncomfortable as the water gets stuck easily unlike the Nabu band where water can be dried out easily. You can take it for swimming no issues so far. Cleaning it is easy with soap water but the screen is hard to clean as the corner are hard to reach, even dirt can get trap easily so frequent cleaning is required.


Razer Nabu Watch Review | Calvin Pixels | CalvinPixels
Charge magnetic port

Wearing it is comfortable especially with the intuitive strap adjustment where the strap end locks into the holes using the tab. Genius idea from Razer. Looking at the display is split into 4 sections, the center being the main time display, top right is the date and day of the week also the Bluetooth logo that tell you if your Nabu Watch is pair to your smartphone. The mode button gives access to stopwatch,alarm,countdown timer an world clock , again the alarm has to be set in the Nabu app as it does not sync with your smartphone alarm something I wish Razer acknowledge and work on it. Adjust and set buttons are self explanatory , light is to light up the display which is find it quite dim for my liking but this is for power saving measures as the main display can last up to 1 year before need a change of battery (coin cells) and yes the watch have 2 different battery.

Razer Nabu Watch Review | Calvin Pixels | CalvinPixels
Tab to lock extra bit in place

Now lets look at the smart part of the Nabu Watch, it has a single color OLED display measuring 128 x 16 pixels , 3-axis accelerometer, it has its own battery which you need the to charge every 6-7days. By my own usage my best time have gotten was a 6 and half days of battery life with pairing to my smartphone once a day, just to note it charge much faster than nabu band. Charging is simple with the proprietary magnetic cable so don’t lose it. Here you can see your fitness tracking information, notification and time. The time can be activated automatic by bring you hand up and it will light up for you, reading the time here is way easier than the actually main display. You can cycle through other information by pressing the buttons several times.

Razer Nabu Watch Review | Calvin Pixels | CalvinPixels

In the Nabu app under the details tab you can adjust sync frequency and update firmware. Notification tab, have “do not disturb” option where the Nabu Watch doesnt vibrate, select which app can send notification, vibration level, scrolling speed and option how to dismiss the notification. Activities tab is where you can enable your preferred fitness information to be display on the watch and also the remote control function for music player or camera. Display tab shows the option for clock style, screen brightness, screen timeout, wrist placement, wake gesture and what to display upon wake. Watch setting show the option to sync time with phone, the world clock and option to chime hourly. There is a sleep tracking feature but for me I rather use it daily but not for sleeping as it bulky, rather advice getting the Nabu Band for sleep tracking since is much more comfortable.

Razer Nabu Watch Review | Calvin Pixels | CalvinPixels

To sum up, the step and distance travel tracking is accurate. However as a person who move around, travel a lot and cares for seriously fitness, the Nabu Watch isn’t fit for me I rather choose the Nabu Band anytime because of its slim design and comfort. Nabu Watch is more suited for daily using than 24/7 operation, great for office wear or simple fitness tracking. The main face display is dim in both bright and low light situation often the time I use the secondary screen to read the time than the main screen (kinda beats the purpose of the watch right?) as it’s much easier to read the time from there. So Razer need to address the main face before I give my recommendation. See you in version 2 ;D


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