Sista Nexus 10200mAh Review

Using using 18650 LG battery which is way stable than Samsung alternatives and has a higher energy density of 3,340 mAh at 3.6V. Weighs 240 grams and it’s available in grey or pink color. A 4 step level indicator of 25% in a square shape, something new to me. Dual output and finally someone made a lightning input port. This is good news I can don’t have to carry extra micro USB cable to charge the powerbank I can use my apple lightning cable to charge. Sweet bacon. Plus it’s compatible with Quick Charge devices.

Sista Nexus 10200mAh Review | | Calvin Pixels

Rated input is 2 amp which we gotten it. Rated output is 2.4 amps per port we gotten 2.23 amps max again limitation on my side since I don’t have any device that take 2.4 amps input. When both port are used together, I have gotten 2.53 amps which is above the rated 2.4 amps.

The cell rating is 10,200mAh at 3.6v making it 36.72Wh
The rated capacity is 6,375mAh at 5.1v / 6,503mAh at 5V

Sista Nexus 10200mAh Review | | Calvin Pixels

The total input received is 8,910 mAh at 5V or 44.55Wh converting to 3.7V equiv is 12,041 mAh.
Total total output charge is 6,295 mAh at 5V or 31.48Wh converting to 3.7V equiv is 8,507 mAh.

Sista Nexus 10200mAh Review | | Calvin Pixels

Based on the total output charge against total input received, (6295 mAh/8910 mAh * 100%) the actual conversion charge received is 70.65% . I set 75% as a minimum requirement and is 5% close to the target not that bad. It can charge Iphone 6 around 3.4 times. Overall it’s a good power bank, I wish it had LED light but I like the color. Since many companies goes for silver option, grey look much better in the hand.

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