NP-FW50 Sony Vs Viloso | 3rd Party NP-FW50 Battery (Comparison)

I have an armada of 9 total NP-FW50 batteries 3 of which is original Sony and the other 6 is the 3rd party option. Price wise the Sony cost MYR160 and the Viloso cost MYR50, Sony is 3 times the price compared to 3rd party option. Spec wise Sony is 7.2V 1020mAh or 7.3Wh whereas the Viloso is 7.4V 1200mAh or 8.9Wh. Viloso seem to be better spec and only ⅓ the price of the Sony.

NP-FW50 Sony Vs Viloso | 3rd Party NP-FW50 Battery (Comparison) | Calvin Pixels
Own 9 NP-FW50 batteries

My benchmark involves 2 cameras. The Sony A6000 recording XAVC-S FHD 50Mbps at 60fps and the Sony A6300 recording XAVC-S 4K 100Mbps 30fps. Both no autofocus and image stabilizer to see how long the battery last and to determine if there is significant difference when shooting high bitrate codec. I took my 3 Sony and 3 Viloso for the benchmark and no surprise the Sony does better.

NP-FW50 Sony Vs Viloso | 3rd Party NP-FW50 Battery (Comparison) | Calvin Pixels
Still using my old Sony A6000 with my new Sony A6300

A6000 camera side , there is 13 minute plus differences between the two and just to note the XAVC-S FHD 50Mbps is an efficient codec thus Sony can deliver much more despite the lower rated battery capacity.

V3 – 64min
V2 – 66min
V1 – 59min
A6300 – 86min
A6000-1 – 81min
A6000-2 – 79min

A6300 camera side, this is interesting as we all know higher bitrate codec does drain battery like drinking vodka in winter. Not much differences between the two only 7 minutes or more.
A6300 – 62min
A6000-2 – 63min
A6000-1 – 65min
V3 – 54min
V2 – 52min
V1 – 55min

Viloso is cheap and you can buy them plentiful on Amazon and other online retailers (come in different brand names). Just to note, that rated capacity and actual capacity is way lower than the Sony. Quality wise the connector plastic bit tend to get broken or bend but you can still use it in your cameras just bend back the connector with a pliers and you’re good to go.

NP-FW50 Sony Vs Viloso | 3rd Party NP-FW50 Battery (Comparison) | Calvin Pixels
Top: 3rd party connector are poor quality | Bottom: Original Sony tip-top condition

Aside for that, newer Sony mirrorless bodies have the ability to charge and be powered by external battery or power bank great for videographer like us so you don’t have to buy so much batteries. But for me that involve more stuff and heavier setups, I rather go with more batteries and lighter monopod setups to be agile around the event area to capture more. Viloso and other 3rd party are one third the price and is up for you to decide to get them, I just wished Sony didn’t priced them to high in the first place.

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NP-FW50 Sony Vs Viloso | 3rd Party NP-FW50 Battery (Comparison) | Calvin Pixels
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