Steelseries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset Review | Siberia Elite

Steelseries released this baby some time back, and it’s still popular till this day. It’s their offering for a premium quality gaming headset, the Siberia Elite (AKA Siberia 650). The Siberia Elite is a part of the Siberia line of headsets that originated from the original Siberia’s, to the Siberia V2’s. Their success and popularity made them come up with the Siberia Elite. Which intends to bring in more premium materials, build quality, as well as revisions and fixes to what the Siberia V2 lacked. Due to this, the price has received a premium hike as well. So, the factor that boils down to whether you should get these or not are, whether you actually want all these extra gaming features as there are definitely a couple of headphones in the same price bracket that can give it a run for its money.

In terms of how it looks. It has the signature ‘Siberia look’ with the suspension system headband. For the support bands, unlike the Siberia V2, they went with Steel. For the earcups and headband, they went with memory foam lined with real leather. This is great as you won’t feel hot or sweat around the ears after long periods of use. Compared to the Siberia V2’s, the earcups are much thicker and does resemble earmuffs or marshmallows. These is where the Siberia Elites show it’s premiumness.

Steelseries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset Review |
A Slick Look With Gunner RPG

Starting from the left earcup, you will be able to find a retractable boom mic that conveniently stores in the earcup itself. It’s really flexible so you can move it to whichever position you choose. There is an RGB lit ring that serves as the mute control. On the right side, there is a similar RGB illuminated ring that serves as the volume adjustment. For the cable. It protrudes from the left earcup and isn’t removable. It’s a flat cable and doesn’t get tangled really easily. Even if it does, it untangles really effortlessly. The cable ends with a Steelseries proprietary USB type cable that connects to either the mic&audio splitter, the 90 degree mobile headphone jack or the 2 meter long extension cable.

Steelseries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset Review |

Steelseries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset Review |
You Can Daisy Chain Another Headset To Hear The Same Audio/Songs

Now, for my user experience. Overall, they feel nice and comfortable. Putting them on is really effortless as the suspension system headband allows easy of use while not needing to readjust the earcups to get a tight fit. Weight distribution is really balanced across my head. Clamping pressure is really good as it provides ample force to keep it on my head while not being uncomfortable. The earcups are great as they’re soft and they mould around my ears and provide really good comfort. Plus, they provide a good sound seal and isolation. So, once you put them on, people can’t hear what you’re listening to and you can’t hear anything from the outside either. There is a sound card included with the Siberia Elite as well. I highly recommend using them as they boost overall volume, improve bass response, as well as mid-range and clarity. The software that comes with it is really simple. You can easily customize the lighting, mic controls, equalizer and custom profiles that launch with a preset application.

Steelseries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset Review |
Calvin’s Custom Preset For Better Bass and Mid Range Response

Now for the results of the audio quality test. For the EDM and Pop category, we’ve chosen Pia Mia – Do It Again and Tiaan – Be Ok. For Pia Mia – Do It Again, the bass is punchy and naturally energetic but it doesn’t cause ear fatigue after long periods of listening. You can hear the snare distinctly even when it mixes with the drum’s bass. For Tiaan – Be Ok, the low bass frequency is notable as you can feel it and hear it well. The bass has zero distortions and doesn’t eat into the mid-range.

For the Vocals & Instruments category, we’ve Ed Sheeran – Touch & Go and The XX – Islands. For Ed Sheeran – Touch & Go, the guitar picking is nice and clear but the vocals sound a little muffled and the mid range depth is somewhat limited. The mid-range itself is good but it lacks sparkle towards the upper-mid to hi-range. For The XX – Islands, the drums is full and deep, kicks are punchy, and the vocals echoing is heavenly sweet but I just wish it had a little bit more clarity.

Steelseries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset Review |
LED Glow is sexy

Now, for what I think about the Steelseries Siberia Elite gaming headsets. For gaming headsets, they’re fantastic. They offer good premium build quality and improved comfort compared to the Siberia V2. Comfort is great and overall design is good with the integrated flexible boom mic, mute, and volume adjustments. The software is great as it is really easy to use to customize what you need. For audiophiles, are these a good option for you? Personally, I would say no as there are many more options that offer much better for the RM860 price tag. But, if you’re personally seeking a very good sounding gaming headset that offers premium build quality and materials, it’s one of the top on the list for my recommendations.


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